10 Things You Can Recycle

I want to raise my kids knowing there are tons of things you can recycle that not only save us money but can help our environment.  Recycling your household items is always a great idea and a wonderful way to give an old item some new life.

Things You Can Recycle around the house are a great way to help the environment, save money, and even make money! Check out our great tips for items you can recycle today!

Often times, people don’t know exactly what in their home can be recycled, and so they throw items away without knowing any better. Instead of making this mistake, you can easily keep a list of things you can recycle on hand to help you and your family easily add things to your upcycle or recycle bins on a regular basis.

10 Things You Can Recycle

1. Aluminum
This one seems like a given, but it is worth mentioning! Be sure you recycle those aluminum cans, whether they be soda cans or fruit cans. You can even recycle aluminum soda tabs should you find any stray ones. Just bag them all up and a recycling center will weigh or count them, pay you for them (yes!) and take them off your hands. You can also find can redemption machines by some of your favorite stores.  Our local Hy-Vee and Walmart each have a few machines.

2. Copper
Copper can be recycled, and most recycling and scrap centers pay a pretty penny for it. Take copper knick knacks, copper wiring, piping, and other copper items to your local recycling center. They will weigh the items, pay you, and recycle them for you.

3. Paper
Don’t throw that scrap paper and junk mail away! Paper can be recycled into all sorts of things. Instead, keep a box on hand to toss all paper items into. While you won’t get paid cash for recycling your paper, your local recycling center will be happy to take it off your hands. Or you can donate it to local pet shelters who may shred it and use it for pet bedding. That's my preference because it is reused without having to be processed!

4. Plastic
Juice bottles, detergent bottles, and other plastic items are some of my favorite things you can recycle. Just give them a rinse and give them to your local recycling center. While you won’t be compensated for them, they will get a new life when they are recycled into another bottle or some other household item!  You can also keep them and reuse in your own home or garden. Plastic soda bottles, depending on your state, can have a refund attached to them.  You can use the machines at your grocery/Walmart or go to the recycling center.

5. Old appliances
Do you have old appliances that don’t work anymore? Don’t be so quick to toss them. Instead, take it to a local recycling center or place an ad online to see if someone wants it. Most appliances have recyclable materials in them that are worth money! It takes a little work to get to the items, but can be well worth it.

Things You Can Recycle around the house are a great way to help the environment, save money, and even make money! Check out our great tips for items you can recycle today!

6. Glass
Glass bottles or pieces are some of those products that can be recycled and made into thousands of other things! Never toss that old glass, instead take it to your local recycling center so it can get a new life. Or, reuse it home as a storage jar, art supply holder, vase, or even as a bank for your coins.  If crafting is something you enjoy, you could even grab a book on stained glass art and learn to create beautiful items with broken pieces.

7. Old clothing.
Don’t toss old clothing just because it doesn’t fit or is stained. You can recycle it along with your other household materials, or donate it to a local pet shelter for bedding. Tear old t-shirts up into dust rags, or use old jeans for tons of easy sew crafts!

8. Wood.
Scrap wood or broken wooden furniture pieces should never be discarded. Chances are they can be remade into something else. Instead, place them on the curb with a free sign or put an ad on Craigslist for free wood. People will use it for all sorts of crafty things, firewood, etc.

9. Kids toys.
Don’t toss out broken kids toys, recycle them! As long as they are metal or plastic they can be added to your household recyclables. You don’t even need to fix or clean them, just toss them in and they will head off for a new life.

10. Broken housewares.
Did you break a mirror? Break a dish? Rip a curtain? Bust the leg on a chair? Consider what these items are made of and think about if they can be recycled or not. Chances are they can, and can go into your recycling bin instead of the trash.

If you are considering things that can be recycled, look no further than this handy list.  It is great for helping you make a little money off of your junk while giving back to the planet and staying eco-friendly.

More Eco-Friendly Tips:

Things You Can Recycle around the house are a great way to help the environment, save money, and even make money! Check out our great tips for items you can recycle today!

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  1. I appreciate you providing some of the things an ordinary person can recycle such as copper. I like the fact that you said there are some companies that would buy materials such as copper wiring, pipes, and knick-knacks and they actually pay a good amount of cash for these. I actually have some copper wiring which is just stored in my basement for so many years now. This article actually gave me an idea to sell these copper wirings for extra money. Thanks for sharing.