7 Must Have Homeschool Supplies Under $5

As you approach the choice of homeschooling your children you also face an unexpected occurrence that public schooling parents don’t often have to think about. The cost of homeschool supplies, books, curriculum, and manipulatives used to help instruct your children can quickly add up and break your budget.

Here are 7 Must-Have Homeschool Supplies Under $5 that have helped many home educators stretch their budget while providing what they feel is the best education available for their child!

7 Must Have Homeschool Supplies Under $5

7 Must-Have Homeschool Supplies Under $5

  • Personal Dry Erase Boards: Most dollar stores have small dry-erase boards from $1-$3. These are great for younger kids to practice writing, simple math equations, and many simple tasks to occupy them while you work with older students. Older students may use these for quick figuring during tests that will show their work without wasting extra paper. I homeschool four boys, plus my nephews during the summer, so I got a large set of dry-erase boards with erasers for about $2 each on Amazon. They work great for spelling words, letter recognition, and math problems.
  • Flash Cards: These homeschool supplies are most readily available for the pre-k and grade school ages in a variety of subjects from letter recognition, phonics help, addition, subtraction, multiplication tables, and even great ones to use with states & capitals on them with the photo of the state as well for recognition in your social studies courses.  Flash cards are a great investment that is almost always affordable.
  • 3 Ring Binders: Not only are these practically a must for keeping your student's educational portfolio in for record keeping they are also great for individual classes, and projects and an easy way to keep your classroom organized. Depending on your level of organization you can even go so far as to setup tabs within one for each week of the school year and keep your lesson plans in them from year to year to help when younger students reach a new grade.
  • Simple Inexpensive Workbooks: Mostly available for students 4th grade and under you will find a large variety of workbooks at your local discount or dollar store to help with rote math concepts, letter recognition, writing skills, and even some critical thinking assignments. Although not a part of the general curriculum these are great homework additions that will not only occupy younger students when needed but be great for review purposes and occasionally for unit studies.
  • Plastic Totes or Milk Crates: These will come in handy for truly everything. Select a color or style for each child so they will always recognize their own and make sure they keep their student books, pencils, markers, folders, and supplies in their own tote to be put away daily. Milk crates help you stay organized as well as keep clutter to a minimum in the classroom. These are available in multiple styles, sizes, and colors for under $5 depending on the size chosen at most dollar or discount stores. Walmart and Target typically put these on sale during back-to-school season, near the college dorm displays.

These homeschool supplies are a must in every home classroom.  For just a few dollars you can set up your homeschool classroom with great supplies that are multi-purpose. These supplies will help you to maintain your classroom organization with ease this school year.

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