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Imagine being able to understand how the USA election system works at a young age. A lot of adults don't know enough about the government that works for them or how elections work. Home School in the Woods has a solution – An Election Unit Study lapbook!

I wanted to really dig into the U.S. elections this year and the election process since it's an election year. To say I was excited to review Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections is an understatement! I've tried to teach the boys about government and the election process a little but this is a full unit & it's all organized for me!

Introducing the United States Presidential Elections Process

Politics are everywhere, but that doesn't mean it teaches our kids how it all works. I want to introduce you to the United States presidential elections process with the help of this Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections. It gives several hands-on activities that help make learning this information so much fun!

What Are Some of the Features of the Homes School in the Woods?

Anytime I bring a new piece of homeschool curriculum into our homeschooling journey, I like to pick out the features we actually enjoyed! Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections has too many awesome details to cover, but I wanted to touch on a few of them.

Text is on Audio

What if your kids don't want to read something? What do you do? I really think it's thoughtful of Home School in the Woods to provide the text to these materials. Your child can read along or they can work on other projects as they listen. I think this is such a great part of learning, audio versions while we're learning. This makes it more than your typical lapbook unit study!

Audiobooks are a HUGE part of our schooling, since one of the boys struggles with the written word, so it's great to be able to just play one of the mp3 files they provided while the boys are working. The very beginning is more for parents & teachers. The boys listen to a LOT of audiobooks for both school and pleasure. This one was a bit dry but good to listen to in the background. They still absorb information when they don't realize they are listening!

The Details

This isn't just a one and done homeschool packet. This is truly a hands-on history. This Lap Book brings history to life through

  • Creative writing
  • Coloring
  • Drawing
  • Research
  • & more

Everything has CLEAR instructions too! This is SO SO helpful when you have two actively involved parents. Nick & I have split a lot of our lessons up, so we both have work time & because we have different interests. I can do literature with the kids all day but found the best way to help Nick sleep is to have him try to read a book….

History is his jam though! I'm the political one but when the boys start their next history unit, it's going to be on him. But….if he's sick I know I'll be able to jump right in with wherever they are because Home School in the Woods has things so organized!

The lap-pak includes the following materials/activities:

  • Definition of “Election”
  • Different Forms of Government
  • The American Experiment
  • The Three Branches of Government
  • Suffrage
  • Who Do We Vote For?
  • Terms of Office
  • A “Handful” of Political Parties
  • Caucuses & Primaries
  • National Conventions
  • The Presidential Campaign: Platform
  • The Presidential Campaign: Stump Speaking
  • The Presidential Campaign: Media — News Source
  • The Presidential Campaign: Campaign Advertising — Spreading the Word!
  • Raising Money
  • Statistics
  • Election Day
  • The Electoral College
  • Inauguration Day
  • The Electoral Race!
  • The “Vocabinet”

They cover everything from the 3 branches of our government all the way through Inauguration Day! Knowing the 3 branches and government and understanding what each is really responsible for and capable of is SO SO important. I've heard so many people say they support so-and-so for Xyz but none of their points is something that office actually has the ability/right to change.

How Did We Like Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections by Home School in the Woods?

To be honest, we loved it. I am a bit passionate about having a true understanding of politics and understanding how our government works from the local level to federal. My kids have gone with me to vote & even watched me explain on TV why I supported a particular candidate during the last Presidental election.

I loved that my kids actually got real lessons in HOW things work in the government. Election day, the electoral college, caucuses, and the primaries, and more. This information is more than I would have been able to personally teach my kids. It's nice that everything goes together and is built on each other!

Would I Recommend Home School in the Woods?

Yes! My experience with this company is that they have very thorough homeschooling material. If you're wanting to learn about a specific topic like the elections, you can find their products on their website. Give this Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections a try in your homeschool classroom, I know you'll love it. It's perfect for grades 3-8.

Interested in trying out Home School in the Woods but can't decide where to start? They have a blog & the first post that caught my eye was on History Studies vs á la carte projects. They break down the difference between their history studies and their stand-alone single subject projects. What's better? It completely depends on your time, your existing curriculum, and your family's needs!

We've used the same history curriculum since my oldest was in 2nd grade, but definitely have some gaps. I think we will be doing their Project Passports World History Studies in the near future!

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