7 Ways To Save Money At Barnes & Noble

Love shopping at Barnes & Noble but not paying full price?  Barnes & Noble is one of my favorite stores because they are more than just a book store. They also carry educational games, music, movies, games, journals, and more!  With such a wide range, it's easy to accidentally go a little nuts and over budget.  Keep these 7 Ways to Save Money at Barnes & Noble in mind to get the best “book” for your buck!
7 Ways to Save Money At Barnes & Noble

I'm a complete book worm & proudly admit it.  I read a fiction book almost every day and normally have two or three non-fiction I'm reading through, not including the books I'm reading to the boys for fun & for school. I buy used books from our local bookstore, snag free kindle books whenever I can, use Kindle Unlimited, and when I head down to Whole Foods, I always stop at Barnes & Noble. Since I shop there once a month, at least, I decided I needed to save money on my book splurges to keep the guilt under control.

7 Ways to Save Money at Barnes & Noble

1. Become a B&N Member.
Sign up to be a B&N member and for a low yearly fee ($25) you can enjoy benefits such as free express shipping, 40% off the list price of the current hardcover bestsellers, and 10% off the Barnes & Noble sale price of other eligible items. This discount can even be used in the café, so you can save money on your coffee!

2. Sign up for Educator’s Rewards.
If you are an educator (including a homeschool mom!), sign up for your free rewards card and earn discounts on each purchase. You can even shop on the designated educator’s days and get up to 30% off your purchase. Sign up in stores and start using your rewards card the same day.

3. Shop with coupon codes.
If shopping online, be sure to use coupon codes on your purchase to get a certain percentage off. Check out retailmenot.com for current B&N coupon codes good on your next purchase. It seems that 20% off is the most common coupon code, so this is a really easy way to save money.

4. Look for the bright sale stickers.
B&N labels their sale items with large colorful stickers then gathers the items in bins near the register. Take the time to rummage through these items and find books and gift items for as much as 75% off.

5. Get on their email list.
Be sure you are signed up for B&N email list. They will send you notifications of sales and specials and you may even get printable coupons good on your next purchase. Just scroll down to the bottom of the screen on the main B&N website, and you will see a box to sign up.

6. Follow them on Facebook.
Not only will you find out about new releases, but you will also hear about free classes and workshops, sales, specials, and member events. All you have to do is ‘like” B&N on Facebook and the savings will quickly add up.

7. Be patient.
You might be excited to snag that new release, but chances are if you wait a little while the price will go down. The same goes for seasonal items at B&N. When they are first placed on the shelves they will be steeply priced, but wait a few weeks and the prices will start to trickle down.

See how easy it can be to save money at Barnes & Noble can be!  Did I miss your favorite way to save at Barnes & Noble?  Leave a comment letting me know!

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  1. I didn’t know there was a way to save money at Barnes and Nobles. We tend to spend a fortune there every time we go. I’m a book worm too. If you have any book reviews or book related posts, please, link it up with me. This week only I am guest host of a popular book linky. I will promote your posts :–)

  2. I find that I rarely buy new books anymore. I used to but now that I review books for my blog and make use of the library more, I just don’t need to. But there are some books that I can’t get for free. Thanks for the Barnes and Noble tips. I didn’t know about their member program. (visiting from Mom 2 Mom Mondays)

  3. As a CONFIRMED Book Addict- I am LOVING this post! I had no idea about Homeschoolers being eligible for the Educator’s Rewards! I am ALL over that!! Thanks!

    Found you at Mom2Mom!

    1. Make sure you check with other stores too. I was pleasantly shocked at how many give teacher’s discounts to homeschooler too!