10 Savory Canning Recipes

We love home canned foods, and these 10 Savory Canning Recipes are a great place to get started on your canning journey.  Not only will you have some seriously tasty food in your pantry, but you can save tons of money in the process.  You know we are all about eating as naturally as possible.  Home canning everything from your own salsas and pasta sauce to canned meats is a great way to stretch your budget and eliminate all of those added preservatives from your diet.  These recipes are both delicious and frugal.  Perfect for your healthy family budget.

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10 Savory Canning Recipes

  1. Roasted Salsa Roja (Pixie Dust Savings)
  2. Apple BBQ Sauce (A Virtuous Woman)
  3. Tomato Juice (Little House Living)
  4. Taco Sauce (Little House Living)
  5. Spicy Salsa (Kids Activities Blog)
  6. Smokey Bacon Jam (Noble Pig)
  7. Savory Balsamic Onion Bacon Jam (Real Food Girl Unmodified)
  8. Marinated Cheese Olives (Five Heart Home)
  9. Spiced Apple Chutney (Baked by Rachel)
  10. Jalapeno Relish (Little House Living)

These 10 savory canning recipes are great choices for your first canning experience.  If you are growing your own garden this year, this is just the begging of what you can do when you purchase a quality pressure cooker for canning.  Whether you are wanting to can something simple like a homemade salsa, or you want to can something like homemade soups or meats a quality pressure cooker is a great investment.  Follow the instructions carefully and make sure that all jars seal properly as you have been directed.  It is truly easy to accomplish safe and healthy food you have home canned, but there are a few things to consider so keep your safety standards top notch.

Make some delicious chutney, relish or jam this year to give as gifts, or simply stretch your own family budget a bit further in the months when fresh produce and fruit won't be available.

I recommend getting a few basic tools for the job to get started.  While you can find many home canning projects that don't require a pressure cooker, I still recommend investing if you think this is something you'll be doing long term.

Home Canning Supply Suggestions: 

Invest in a great pressure cooker and use up all of the excess fruit you come across this year for these great canning recipes.  Jams, jellies, chutneys, and salsas are always easy and fun to make.  Get the whole family involved with the canning process, and you'll never turn back.

Home canning is a skill I learned from my late Mother-in-law.  We had so much fun playing with different recipes and using up all our garden produce, while the kids played outside or watched old Western movies with Pops. Since she isn't with us anymore, canning is one of many activities that reminds me of her and something I love sharing with others.

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