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With spring upon us, garden planning season is in full swing and here are 20+ Free Gardening Catalogs for you! Not only will these catalogs give you tons of seed options, but they will also give you tons of information to help build your garden into just what you need.  From vegetables to berries and traditional flowers these free garden catalogs have just what you need!

I love gardening.  There is something so soothing about planting a garden (although tilling it isn't my favorite thing to do!), pulling weeds, and harvesting produce my family has grown together. At my mom's house, we have a large herb garden, berry bushes, and some fruit trees.  Outside my house, I have berry bushes, herbs, and my boys grow their own tomatoes and marigolds.  This year, we tilled a large garden plot for tomatoes, peppers, sugar snap peas, corn, potatoes, green beans, and lots of salad greens.

Nick has never gardened but I've always let the kids garden with us. They learn a lot, are more likely to try new foods they've grown themselves (which is great for my picky eating nephew), and it gives me more time to spend in the garden because they are actively working with me.

I like to get a few free garden catalogs by mail, hand them out to the kids along with their own colored pens, and let the kids help pick out things they want to try this year. Then I go through each catalog to see what everyone wants, comparing prices, and start planning out our garden. This year, Nick is learning about different plants and doing a lot of the heavy lifting for me!

Free Gardening Catalogs

Adaptive Seeds: Not only do they have a large variety of veggies, but they also carry quite a few grains & cover crops too! I love their selection of perennial herbs!

Annie’s AnnualsAnnie’s carries some of the rarest annuals around. I love being able to sort by plant list on their website, so I can easily find what I'm looking for – flowers to attract bees and butterflies, something drought tolerant for the side of my house I always forget to water, flowers perfect for cutting, and so many other options! You can also watch free instructional videos on the website as well! Join their newsletter for sale info, gardening tips, and info on new products while you are requesting your free catalog.

Annie's Heirloom Seeds: Annie's carries a wide range of veggie, herb, and flower seeds. They have both heirloom and organic seeds available. They also have mushroom kits, which our boys love – even the ones that refuse to eat mushrooms!

Burgess Seed Co: Request your free catalog and when you order you get a variety of free gifts! Depending on how much you spend you can get free huckleberry, cherry tomatoes, ranunculus, or windflowers!

Burpee: Burpee carries pretty much everything – gardening supplies, heirlooms, organic, herbs, veggies, flowers, fruit trees, berry bushes, and more! They also offer a money-saving newsletter you can sign up for while you are requesting your free colorful catalog.

Dixondale: Dixondale specializes in onions and leeks.  You can view the catalog online or have one shipped to you.

Fedco Seeds: They carry seeds, seed potatoes, trees, bulbs, and a few extras like ginger & turmeric!

Park Seed: Snag a free Park Seed catalog and find a variety of flower and produce seeds sure to excite you. You will also be treated to a $10 off coupon when you sign up! Sign up for their newsletter while you are there to get a free shipping coupon too.

Pine Tree Garden: Head over to Pine Tree Garden to request a free catalog, shop organic products, and even find plant-based cosmetics. This is a unique gardening company that offers plant-based items for all areas of life.

Prairie Nursery: Prairie Nursery is perfect for the person looking for grasses, wildflowers, and native plants. Head to their site to learn more about these products and request a free catalog.

Prairie Road Organic Seed: I just ordered my first garden catalog from them, but they carry herbs, veggies, flowers, and cover crops. They have a section for container & limited space gardening with varieties that take up less space to maximize your garden yield!

Raintree Nursery: Head over to Raintree Nursery where you can get up to 45% off on package deals! You can get plenty of free gardening advice, and request a free catalog too.

RH ShumwayRH Shumway is also one of the older names in the gardening business. Request a free catalog and when you order, they will treat you to two free packs of seeds. They also offer a free online garden planner.

Seed Savers Exchange: Not only does their catalog include all their seeds, but you also get recipes, growers' guide, helpful hints, and more to help you make the most of your garden!

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange: This has been one of my favourite seed catalogs forever because it is full of helpful information! When I first started gardening, this was a huge lifesaver!

Sow True Seed: Sow True Seed company offers a beautiful free catalog. They have a very large selection of vegetable and herb seeds, plus flowers to help attract pollinators!

Strictly Medicinal Seeds: This isn't your typical veggie & flower seed company. They specialize in medicinal plants, seeds, and extracts. They do carry veggie seeds and ancient grains too!

Territorial Seed CompanyTerritorial ships live plants right to your door. Request their colorful catalog so you can enjoy all of the varieties they have to offer and enjoy a 100% money-back promise on your purchase.

Wayside Gardens: Check out Wayside Gardens for all of your planting needs. You can request a free catalog when there as well as sign up for their e-newsletter. When you sign up, you will also receive money-saving coupons good on your first order.

White Flower Farm: Check out White Flower Farm for seeds, bulbs, live plants, flower arrangements and more. Sign up for their free newsletter while there and get free gardening tips and advice.

Wild Garden Seed: This is my first year ordering a catalog from Wild Garden Seed. I was drawn to them for their variety of greens and their flower selection.

Did I miss your favorite free garden catalog?  Leave a comment and let me know so I can add it to the list!

If you've never gardened before or need help planning, I highly recommend you try out the free 7-day trial (no payment info required) of this Garden Planner!

After getting your free gardening catalogs and ordering your goodies, you'll want to make sure your garden stays pest-free!  Check out my garden pest control spray and these 7 Natural Vegetable Garden Pest Deterrents!

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