10 Ways to Use Organic Raw Honey in Recipes

Organic Raw Honey is an excellent addition to any kitchen and or home. It's used in many recipes and is one of my favorite healthy additions to our pantry.  I am excited to share with you some of my favorite reasons to keep organic raw honey in your pantry all the time.

10 Ways to Use Organic Raw Honey

Keeping your pantry well-stocked with what I call those must-have items is a must.  Not only do these food items help you pull together meals at the last minute, they are often great for keeping your budget intact.  I have a great list of over 50 food items you should stop buying and make for yourself – and organic raw honey is probably an ingredient in over half of them.  It's just a handy thing that truly never goes bad in your pantry.  I like to grab local organic raw honey at a Farmer's Market, but in a pinch, a great choice is this Honey Gardens Raw Honey Orange Blossom 1-Pound Jar that is a great deal on Amazon.

Check out this list of great ways to use organic raw honey in recipes on a regular basis in your kitchen.  From your daily cup of hot tea to making up marinades or salad dressings, there are tons of great ways to use this favorite sweetening agent in your kitchen.  Check out my favorites below!

10 Ways To Use Organic Raw Honey In Recipes

In a cup of tea:

One of my favorite ways to use raw honey is in a cup of tea. Plus, it’s a great way to avoid using sugar. Of course, honey can make your blood sugar spike, but when used on occasion, it’s a great alternative to “sugar.”

In a morning smoothie:

One of the most favorite recipes around here is using raw honey in a smoothie. The kids and I both gain so much from using raw honey in our smoothies. A little it of organic raw honey is great in our favorite Strawberry Green Smoothie recipe.

Honey lemon drink:

A great way to use raw honey and to gain all of the benefits is to make a warm drink by adding lemon, raw honey, and warm water.

Honey butter:

Using organic raw honey and mixing it with butter, you can create an awesome spread for your favorite foods.

Use raw honey instead of sugar:

If you are using granulated sugar in your recipes, you are using nothing of nutritional value. At least when you use raw honey, you are getting the sweetness and many other nutrients.

Salad dressings:

Most store-bought salad dressings have a bunch of ingredients that you just do not want. This is why we use honey in some of our salad dressing recipes. It’s yummy and just adds a tad bit of sweetness, which is what we like in our house.

In coffee:

If I want to sweeten coffee, I use raw honey. I use just enough to sweeten my coffee, without making it overly sweet. And I love the benefits my body gets from drinking coffee and using raw honey. If you need something more, you can go a step further and use our homemade coffee creamer instead.

Use organic raw honey as a topping:

One thing I’ve noticed is that raw honey isn’t something you can go wrong with. We’ve been known to use it on our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and even on top of our toast.

Raw honey in yogurt:

We buy unsweetened yogurt in our house or we have been known to make our own. A little bit of honey can go a long way in yogurt and it keeps it healthy without adding a ton of sugar to “make it taste good.”

Raw honey as cough medicine:

Although cough medicine isn’t a recipe per-say, it’s something we don’t use around our home. However, my kids can be caught taking a spoon full of honey to keep a cough at bay.  It even made it onto our list of homemade cold and flu remedies! I also use raw honey in my homemade elderberry syrup recipe!

Organic raw honey is a great shelf-stable pantry item that can be used throughout your home for many things.  Whether you keep it on hand for natural cold and flu remedies, or to use as a sweetener for your coffee it is surely going to be a great choice for your stock up list for the pantry. Need more reasons to make sure you always have organic raw honey on hand?  Check out these 10 Health Benefits of Raw Honey!

More Health Tips:

Organic Raw Honey is a great item for your pantry! I always make sure I have a jar or two on hand! Check out these Top 10 Ways To Use Organic Raw Honey In Recipes for some tips on how to use honey in the kitchen!

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