Frugal Fall Decor Ideas

Some of the best parts of Fall include the bonfires, warm drinks, and especially decorating! Fall decor is beautiful and can really spice up the look of your home. However, if you’re finding that you’re stuck to a strict budget this Fall, it can be harder to decorate like you want to. Fortunately, there are many ways to decorate with these frugal fall decor ideas!

Frugal Fall Decor Ideas

When I went to let the dogs out this morning, it appeared chilly weather is finally here!  I know many love the warmth of summer, but fall is my favorite season. I can't wait to watch the leaves change colors, load the kids up and go for a drive, seeing how the trees become so bright and colorful.  Watch my mums out front of our house bloom and curl up with a cup of hot apple cider from the nearby orchard.  They have a lovely fall festival that we attend every year in October. Plus, decorating for fall is so much fun! 

Frugal Fall Decor Ideas

Make a trip to the dollar store: Seriously, this can save you tons of money! You might not find any fabulous decorations at the dollar store, but you’ll absolutely find some decorations you can use as a base for DIY decorations, meaning you can turn them into something even better for a fraction of the cost. If you feature any tea light candles in your decor, you’ll be able to snag quite a few at the dollar store for cheap! The dollar store is a huge factor in being able to decorate frugally for Fall.

Reuse old decorations: You might not like to reuse decorations from the previous year, but luckily in the age of Pinterest, it’s pretty easy to change and spice things up giving them new life. Dig out your old Fall decorations and make them fresh or even just reuse them in a different area of the house!

Frugal Fall Decor Ideas

Do it yourself: DIY is a huge part of decorating frugally for Fall, and there are some really great projects out there for decorating that are extremely simple to DIY. Last year, we made a scarecrow & set it up on some hay bales with corn stalks outside.

Check out yard sales: You’d be surprised at how many people grab new Fall decorations every year and are getting rid of the old stuff. You can usually score these decorations for next to nothing to help you decorate frugally for Fall. Typical yard sale finds include fake pumpkins, wreaths, and more!

Shop the sales at major retailers: You want to avoid paying top dollar for your Fall decorations, and this means you’ll want to look in catalogs and online for sales that might be ongoing. Sales can save you a lot of money, especially if you buy stuff early. Don’t wait until the last minute, because prices will rise and you’ll be paying much more than necessary.

Shop online: I always find some great deals on cute new decor on Amazon no matter what season it is.  Etsy is another great place to check, especially if you want to support small businesses.

All of these tips should help you decorate frugally for Fall and turn your house into a fabulous Fall paradise! Have you ever scored any great Fall decorations?

Frugal Fall Decor Ideas

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