Good Grades Deserve Rewards: Freebies for A’s & B’s

Freebies for Good Report Card

Good grades were always a big deal at our house when I was growing up.  From 6th grade on, we got paid for A's & B's, nothing for a C, and if we had a D or F (even on a midterm!) we had to pay up!  I loved it, especially since my grandparents also paid for A's.  Report cards were like my own payday and in high school, I was able to save on my auto insurance thanks to my grades.

Many chains have decided to start rewarding children (and parents) for good report cards!  Here are some that we found:

Chuck E. Cheese – Chuck E. Cheese believes in the value of a good education. Have your child bring in their most recent report card and they will receive FREE tokens for good grades.

Krispy Kreme – Get a free original glazed donut for each A (up to 6 A’s).

Chick-fil-A – Bring in your all A’s and B’s report card and receive a FREE 8 pack nuggets!

Pizza Hut – Each marking period, any child who has 3 A’s or the equivalent thereof, will receive one Personal Pan Pizza and a small soft drink or carton of milk by presenting his or her report card to the manager. This offer is good for Elementary and Middle School students. Dine-in only. Student must be present and the original report card must be presented.

McDonalds – If your child has a straight “A” report card, he/she can receive a FREE Happy Meal. This may vary by location so call ahead first!

Topps – Getting good grades in school is always a priority. Now there’s an extra reward for studying hard. The Topps of the Class program has been created to give you a great trading card gift when you put your mind to work. Every time you bring in a report card to this store, the manager will award you with a gift. Work hard in school, receive cards. It’s that simple.

Family Video – Offers free rentals based on how well you did on your report card.

Blockbuster – Get a free family friendly movie rental for A’s on your report card!

Cheryl’s Cookies – Get up to 3 FREE Cookies for A’s. (Thanks Mission to Save)

Also if you are a homeschooling family, check out this list of links to free printable report cards Saving Dollars & Sense put together!
Always check with your location, as some may be regional offers!

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