10 Items Perfect For Composting Bins

Composting bins are a great way to get the nutrient rich soil your plants and flowers love and need. Composting is a simple backyard activity that basically involves tossing compost appropriate materials into a designated bin and stirring often until the items break down into soil.  Check out these great items perfect for your composting bins. 

Composting Bins are a great way to add natural fertilizer to your garden. Check out our list of the 10 Best items to add to your compost bin this year!

If you want to amp up your compost bin or start one fresh, here are 10 items perfect for your composting bins this season. These 10 items should never go in the trash, and instead, head for the compost bin where they can add nutrients your plants will thrive on!

10 Items Perfect For Composting Bins

1. Nut shells.
If you love to eat shelled peanuts and pistachios, you should save the shells. You can toss the shells into your compost where they will help add calcium and other nutrients. You can also save other nut shells such as walnuts.

2. Citrus peels.
Don’t toss those citrus peels! Even though they are slightly acidic, they are still fantastic for compost. Save your orange, lemon, grapefruit and of course lime peels as well. Try keeping a baggie on the counter for kids to toss into when snacking to make the job extra easier.

3. Paper.
You can shred the Sunday paper, old schoolwork, and even junk mail to toss into the compost pile. Tearing it into small pieces or shreds can help it break down quickly and get it worked into the soil faster.

4. Stale produce.
If your produce has gone bad, you can add it to the compost bin. This includes rotten potatoes, avocado, apples, bananas, even bread products. Just break them apart and toss them in and the nutrients they contain will work into the soil.

5. Hair clippings.
If you gave yourself a trim or gave one of your pets a trim, you can toss the hair into the compost bin. Hair does have nutrients in it and it is capable of breaking down, so it is the perfect addition to add to your composting bins.

6. Cotton.
If you use cotton balls or q-tips regularly, the cotton can be added to your compost bin. Cotton is a natural product, and it can, in fact, break down easily and add some bulk to your compost. Just be sure if tossing in q-tips they are the wood variety, not plastic.

7. Leather scraps.
Old leather shoes, gloves, and belts can all be tossed into your compost bin. The leather is a natural material of course, and can break down quite nicely. It is advised that you tear or shred the leather apart first, as it will help make the breakdown process quicker.

8. Weeds.
When you get done picking weeds, just toss them into the compost bin. Weeds break down quickly and while they can be a menace when growing in your yard, they can actually help your compost. So pull those weeds and toss them in.

9. Bat Poo (also called Bat Guano)
Ask a local farmer with a barn if there are bat droppings that can be used and added to your compost bin. You can also find bat guano at your local gardening center where it is prepackaged and ready to be added to your composting bins.

10. Dust.
Empty your vacuum bag into your compost bin as dust and dust bunnies will do well in it. You can also add the dust from when you sweep the floor, just take it from tray to bin.

There are so many items that are great for your composting bins, so before you toss anything on this list consider adding it to your own! You will find that they can really help make the soil nutrient rich.

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Composting Bins are a great way to add natural fertilizer to your garden. Check out our list of the 10 Best items to add to your compost bin this year!

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