10 Fun Learning Games To Play With Alphabet Letters

Magnetic Alphabet Letters are so much fun to play with and they are a great learning tool! Here are 10 fun learning games you can play with your children using alphabet letters that will turn your playtime into some great teachable moments!Learning Games To Play With Alphabet Letters

I remember playing with alphabet letters on the fridge when I was little & teaching my sister how to spell our names with them when she was little. When my oldest son was a couple years old, we bought a set for him. While he had a lot of fun with them, I knew I wanted to incorporate some sneaky learning into his play. Here are some of the fun games you can play with your children using alphabet letters that will turn your playtime into some great teachable moments.

10 Fun Learning Games To Play With Alphabet Letters

  • Name recognition can be really fun for your kids! Start them out by learning to recognize the first letter of their name and then add in the rest of it. Kids can learn this at a very early age and have a great time doing it. Once they learn to recognize the first letter of their name you can easily keep them busy even when shopping at the store. They will be so proud going through Wal-Mart and finding the first letter of their name on products and signs everywhere.
  • Color matching is another fun idea to play with alphabet letters. Have them find all the blue letters and line them up in a row on the fridge and then have them move onto another color. You can also set some colored bowls on the table and have them put the matching colors into the bowl. Add an even bigger challenge by having them use tongues or tweezers to move them back and forth working on their small motor skills at the same time.
  • Grab a pot and a few bowls and spoons and let your kids get creative making some alphabet soup! You’re already in the kitchen cooking and kids like to mimic what they see so grab up a pan, a few bowls and spoons and get them to cooking right along with you. You guys can sing the alphabet song while you both slaving away!
  • Letter bingo can be a fun game and it's pretty easy to put together. Make a bingo card using letters instead of numbers. You can actually trace the alphabet magnets onto the card so it will be easier for your little ones to match up. Call out a letter and help them find it and place it on the corresponding letter on the card.
  • Matching up the lower case and upper case of a letter can be quite challenging for your young one. Start out small with this one as it can be somewhat overwhelming if you try throwing it at them all at once. Try starting with the letter “A” for a week or a day depending on the age of your child. Spend time talking about things that start with the letter “A” and maybe incorporate an “A” day where you find objects that start with the letter “A” and even serve snacks like apples or animal crackers. Once you master one letter then you can move onto the next.
  • Fishing for letters is another fun activity for the kiddos. Make your own homemade fishing pole using a stick, string and a magnet. Throw the magnetic letters into some kind of a container (bowl, pan, bathtub or even your child's swimming pool) and watch them go fishing for letters (don’t forget to put water in the container). Try giving them a few challenges along the way. Ask them if they can catch you a blue fish or the letter “F” for fish for some added fun.
  • Set up an alphabet sensory bin for more learning fun! You can use rice or beans to fill a bin and mix the letters up inside. Your child will have fun digging for the letters! Make sure and give them plenty of measuring cups and sand toys to sift and dig their way to a fun time.
  • Digging for letters in a bag or sock can be fun and challenging for the little ones. Try starting out with just a few letter so they don't get to overwhelmed and have them find the letters by shape instead of sight. Digging their hands in the bag or sock and feeling the shapes is fun. They may not be able to find the right shape depending on their age but they sure can have fun trying. If finding the letters is a little hard for them just have them try digging and seeing if they can find a certain color.
  • Spelling practice can be made fun for the kiddos if you get down to their level and play with them. Start by challenging them with small words and go up from there. Offer small snacks like animal cracker after they complete each word to hold their interested or if you are not a fan of rewarding with food try getting some small stars or sticker for a reward.
  • Flipping alphabet letters like a cookie is great for working on their small motor skills. Grab a cookie sheet and a spatula and flip the cookies! Ask them to flip the blue cookie for you or try working on one letter at a time and see how many they can flip.

There are plenty of games you can play with alphabet letters than can keep your kids entertained for hours. Just use each moment you get to turn it into a teachable moment. Interact and play with them to make great memories that will last a lifetime! Grab a magnetic alphabet set for the fridge or a sturdy wooden set you can paint together for even more fun!

Do you have any great memories playing with alphabet letters?

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  1. These are really fun activities! I used to love magnetic anything. Don’t remember whether we had alphabet letters but we did have magnets of veggies and fruits and such.