Pay Off Day Candies – A Must Try from Trim Healthy Mama

A few weeks ago I started out on a journey to be healthier. Trim Healthy Mama kept popping up everywhere I started to research and I even got a chance to review the products. Let’s get this straight, this is not a diet or a short term eating plan. It’s for life.

When I received the books, it took me a few days of reading the actual plan book. I wanted to know what this plan was all about and if it was something I really wanted to do. I love the way Pearl and Serene have written the book, it’s very down to earth and easy to understand. Of course, it still takes a while to understand the terminology and what an “S” meal or an “E” meal is.

Pay Off Day Candies | Trim Healthy Mamas Cookbook Recipe

I received this product for free from the Moms Meet program. As always, all opinions shared on Midwest Modern Momma are honest and not influenced by any compensation we receive.

There are two major things the Trim Healthy Mama plan requires you say goodbye to. The main thing is sugar. If you can get rid of sugar, you’ll be doing good! Sugar does such bad things to our body, so on this plan, it’s pretty much out. Think about it though—every product you eat has sugar in it, which is why it’s important to think twice about what you’re putting into your body.

The second major thing to give up is basically anything white. White rice, white bread, white potatoes, you get the idea. The first few days of going on plan will be all about saying “no” to everything you used to feed your body.

The book is a great read and something you’ll need if you plan on going the Trim Healthy Mama route. My favorite part of the whole plan is the cookbook. The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook is full of yummy recipes. I made the comment that I wasn’t able to really cook until I got their cookbook. I firmly believe that their recipes have helped change the way I look at food and how to cook it. Some of my favorite recipes have been Mama’s Meatloaf and Pay Off Day Candies, which are both in the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.

Pay Off Day Candies from Trim Healthy Mama

My personal story is that I’m down nearly 15 pounds in the 3 weeks I’ve been following Trim Healthy Mama. I have made a few mistakes, but have stayed on plan most of the time. I encourage you to check out Trim Healthy Mama if you’re looking for a way to lose unwanted fat. I also found that the Trim Healthy Mama support group on Facebook is a great way to find inspiration to stay on plan daily (sorry, mamas only). You can also follow Trim Healthy Mama on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Ready to get started?  The Trim Healthy Mama Plan retails for $19.99 and you can find the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook  for $27.99 at your favorite book store!

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  1. Glad to hear you’ve found a plan that works for you! I don’t know if I could give up everything white, though! Thanks for sharing at the Thoughtful Spot!

  2. Where is the recipe for the pay off day candies. as stated….

    • You can find that recipe and many others in the book. Because of copyright laws, we couldn’t publish the full recipe.

  3. Do they use raw peanuts in the Payoff Day candy?

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