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Beyond the Shaker is more than your typical seasoning supply shop. They are a site that introduces consumers to  many of the immense variations of salt combinations and provides more information on salt than most people even knew existed. Information on site includes a history of salt and their expansive blog of salt application ideas. We were excited to try them. I love playing with new recipes. We chose to give Cyprus Black Lava, Bamboo Jade, Herb Garden Blend, French Herb Blend and the Chanterelle Vanilla a test run in our kitchen. Honestly, a few of the names alone made me a little skittish about trying them. Okay, its just the bamboo & vanilla parts that got me. Vanilla is something I bake with, so that one will push my boundaries a little & I cook and prepare food on bamboo – we've never eaten it in any way before.

beyond the shaker

My husband is one of those people who will just sprinkle seasonings on top of whatever he is eating, even after it has been cooked. With one of the salts, he tried that and it didn't work out so well (especially since he tried to do it to my apple raisin stuffed pork chops), but I think that was operator-error, not the salt.

I feel like you get a better sampling of the flavor, if you allow it to marinate in the juices of the food you cook it with, so I sprinkled the Herb Garden Blend over the chicken when I threw it in the crockpot. It came out great and it wasn't overly salty. I use very sparingly and was slightly afraid it would overpower the other flavors, but they have obviously formulated that one very well.

For me, I think that when I use the spices, I need to plan the meal around what I am going to use. We have been enjoying the Herb Garden Blend and have been making plans for the rest of the spices. The Chaterelle Vanilla will be next for us. We are going to try it on a leg of lamb. This will be a whole new experience for us as my boys have never had lamb & I've never made it myself before (any tips would be greatly appreciated).

Beyond the Shaker

The Cyprus Black Lava will be used on potatoes or breadsticks as the site suggests. I am planning to try out the Bamboo Jade  the next time I make white fish instead of our typical Sprite & lemon marinade.  My boys love hamburger night, so I think we'll spice up the fries with the French Herb Blend next time.

This was a great site to browse. Each salt product page has recommended uses, a salt story, ingredients, and some even have a recipe or two. I highly recommend exploring the Salt Guide. There is so much information that I never knew in there, including why you shouldn't buy iodized salt.


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Head over to Beyond the Shaker to add some unique flavors to your family's menu today or treat the chef on your holiday list to one of their great gift sets!

I was provided with Beyond the Shaker free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own & those of my family.

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  1. That’s soooo cool! The citrus basil looks really yummy – would be great on fish or shrimp I think! I’m definitely going to check the site out! I think I’ll even send the link to hubby as a HINT for Christmas – for a foodie like me, fancy salt is a GREAT stocking stuffer!

  2. I love spices!! I also really like the stylish designs of the containers. I have a cousin who is a chef, and I think he would really enjoy a nice set of new spices. Thanks for all the info and great gift idea. 🙂