WondaWedge & BookWedge Review

Every night after the kids fall asleep, I take my laptop upstairs and spend the rest of the evening working from bed. I used to pile all the pillows behind me and still have to switch positions frequently to stay comfy. Needless to say, I was very excited when I was contacted by WondaWedge. It is an inflatable pillow that you can adjust depending on the angle you want to sit!

WondaWedge is an indoor/outdoor lounger enjoying worldwide success. An inflatable lounge pillow with attached mat, it's perfect for the beach, picnics, outdoor concerts, or reading in bed. Designed by physiotherapists, the WondaWedge has great ergonomics and back-support function – better for the posture than many alternatives! Users set their own comfort levels. The pillow can be changed to different reclining angles. It is lightweight and inflatable, thus, space-saving, easy to carry, and easy to use. The sueded vinyl material is waterproof and comfortable even in the heat.

My WondaWedge is orange, but they come in many different colors. I love the little mat that it's attached to it. Instead of having to reposition constantly, the mat uses your body to hold the WondaWedge in place perfectly. In the more upright position, I'm able to comfortably use the computer for a few hours.  In the more reclined position, I've fallen asleep watching a movie more than once. I think we will be getting these in a few more colors so each of the boys can have their own.

Green WondaWedgeI also received a BookWedge that makes a great holder for my phone. I love to curl up with a good book, but have mainly switched to Kindle books in order to avoid putting up another bookshelf. I would say it's to decrease my environmental footprint, but I'll be honest; It's mostly because I'm running out of room for bookshelves at this point. I also use my phone to watch videos on Netflix. The BookWedge works great whether I'm laying down or reclining on my WondaWedge. My Mother-In-Law has hinted that she would like one for Christmas and I'm thinking about getting one for my mother as well.

Most reading cushions are filled with beans, beads or stuffing, or made of hard plastic. The BookWedge weighs only 3.5 oz and folds flat when deflated. It reduces strain on the arms and neck by providing support at just the right angle. it also costs less than other book holders.

BookWedgeUnfortunately, I went to use my WondaWedge the other day & realized it had gone a little flat.  Leaving it inflated within reach of my scratch happy cats was not a good idea. My husband will be finding the hole & patching it for me when he comes home for the holidays…although I haven't informed him of that yet.

Buy It

WondaWedge is available direct for $24.00 and the BookWedge is $19.99!

I was provided with a WondaWedge & BookWedge free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. I apologize for the stock photos. My computer decided to go on strike & I have yet to figure out how to retrieve anything from it 🙁

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