Paleo Meal Plan Monday – Week of January 4th

Meal planning is the number one way to take control of your budget and make sure you are eating a healthy diet, regardless of what types of food you are eating. Skip the last minute temptation to order pizza by planning everything out in advance, grocery shopping for only what you need, and then sticking to it!

Paleo Meal Plan Monday

New Year = New You, right?  This year, I'm actually going to plan out my menu each week and remember to post them  for you! I've gone strict Paleo, but the kids have a little wiggle room, so there may be a meal or two that I'm eating from the freezer while they splurge on a pizza or have pasta.  I'm attempting to get them to go 100% Paleo too, but that's easier said than done!

Even if you aren't strict Paleo (or Paleo at all!), I can guarantee you will find some delicious recipes here to try out!  Unless you are vegan, then you might have an issue since we eat a lot of animal products in this house.  You might be interested in some of the smoothie recipes I share though, since I don't do dairy.

As always, I do a complete meal plan (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack ideas, Dinner, and a few desserts), so feel free to skip to the sections you plan.  I HIGHLY recommend (free 30-day trial) to compile your recipes for the week, adjust to the number of servings you need, and print your grocery list.

Paleo Meal Plan Monday

Before we jump straight into the delicious recipes, I wanted to share my definition of Paleo because I know there are so many different ideas on what it really means.  Paleo does not mean mostly meat in my house.  Vegetables are the primary food group for us. What Paleo does mean is eating foods that don't cause inflammation in my body.  I've had extensive food sensitivity testing done, so I was able to identify a few foods I never would have thought would be an issue, like my beloved pomegranate and almonds!

My family doesn't quite understand what Paleo is, just that the doctor said I'm only supposed to eat certain foods. After answering for the 100th time what I could eat, I finally made a list of what I couldn't since it's shorter.  Paleo to me means: No grains (which includes corn – no, it's not really a vegetable), no refined sugar (honey & molasses are okay in moderation), no soy, no legumes (which includes peanuts, but green beans & peas are fine), and no dairy.  I do eat the occasional goat milk product since my body tolerates it well, but don't classify recipes that it's a required ingredient as Paleo.

Paleo Breakfast Recipes:

Broiled Grapefruit – My oldest loves grapefruit, so I'm sure this will be a big hit.  Wonder what broiled pomelo will taste like…

Chile Relleno Breakfast Casserole – I love chile relleno so I have to give this one a try!

Sweet Potato Waffles – I'm going to try these with cashew butter instead of almond butter so I can enjoy them and freeze some for one of those days when I really don't want to get out of bed.

Pumpkin Breakfast Custard –  This looks so creamy and delicious.  Can't wait to give it a try and see what the kids think of it!

Breakfast Stacks – Now that all four boys love avocado, I can actually make these without any argument!

Mexican Sweet Potato Egg Boats – I see so many possibilities with this one!  I could precook the meat and veggies, as well as the sweet potatoes to throw this together even faster in the morning too!

Chocolate, Avocado, and Banana Smoothie – I'll use the tweak on this one to utilize the giant container of carob powder I have!

Paleo Lunch Recipes:

Paleo Stuffed Avocados with Cilantro Cream Sauce – I'm doing these with turkey instead of chicken, but otherwise keeping the recipe the same.

Loaded Paleo Nachos – These look much better than the loaded nachos I used to eat!

Pan-fried Pork Chops with Apple, Walnut, and Cranberry Squash – Make up your favorite pork chop recipe to go along with this sweet squash side dish!

BLT Lettuce Wraps – Just make this Paleo mayo (it's a ranch recipe, but has the basic mayo in the printable for you) to use on them.

Chipotle Bacon Sliders – Quick, easy, and delicious – My favorite type of lunch recipe!

Mediterranean Chicken – This is a very flavorful dish with little prep time!

Sweet Potato Sloppy Joe's – This is an absolute favorite in our house!  I even got my picky eating nephews to try it. Although I had to cut up a few extra peppers that day because L kept eating all of them!

Paleo Snack Ideas:

Mango Lime Fruit Snacks – The kids will love these & I love sneaking in more healthy gelatin!

Chai Spiced Coconut Flour Cupcakes – I have a minor chai anything addiction…okay, major addiction.

Berry Gelatin Pudding – A naturally sweet and nutritious snack the kids are sure to love!

Oven Baked Beet Chips – I can't wait to try these – they are so bright and her trick should help prevent me ending up with burnt crisps this time!

Cookie Dough Snack Balls – We tried these this spring and the boys really liked them.

Apple slices with nut butter – Just use your favorite nut butter.

Paleo Island Smoothie – To make this really easy, you can make large smoothie bags with your ingredients & throw it in the freezer in advance.  I put in everything but the coconut milk. If you use frozen fruit, you can skip the ice and still have the right texture.

Paleo Dinner Recipes:

Baked Honey Salmon – I love fish recipes that bake in foil.  Such easy cleanup and they just seem to turn out better!

Rosemary Balsamic Pork Loin – Serve with steamed veggies and cauliflower rice!

Slow Cooker Rosebud Moroccan Chicken – Try it with Pesto Spaghetti Squash!

Tuscan Pork Chops – Serve with this delicious Maple Pecan Butternut Squash!

Salt & Pepper Shrimp – Serve with these easy Balsamic Rosemary Roasted Veggies for a complete meal!

Ribeyes with Baked Garlic Mushrooms – Whenever we are at my parents' house, we grill the steaks, but at home, I do them indoors like this.

Paleo Jicama Hash – This is an easy one-pot Paleo dinner recipe that sounds divine!

Paleo Dessert Recipes:

Paleo Hummingbird Bread – I absolutely adore and miss Hummingbird Cake, so this is a must!

Coconut Cashew “Cheesecake” – Can't wait to give this one a try!

Egg-free macaroons – We aren't an egg-free household by any means, but these just looked to good to pass by!

Want more ideas?  Follow my Paleo Recipe board on Pinterest!

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