10 Frugal Date Night Ideas Under $20

Need to get out of the house together, but feel like your budget just won't allow it? Here are 10 frugal date ideas and the best part is that they are all $20 or less!

Frugal Date Night Ideas

Hearing that you should set a regular date night is normally met with “We can't afford to” by many couples.  For the sake of your relationship though, it is a MUST to have a regular date night.  For some couples, regular means weekly. For others it means monthly. Whatever works and helps keep you connected as a couple!

What you do on date night isn't important. It doesn't even matter if both of you enjoy the same things.  Just don't let one person pick every time!  Below are 10 frugal date night ideas, that typically cost less than $20 for the night!

10 Frugal Date Night Ideas

Check out local dive bars: Check out bars in your area that you haven't been to before. Choose ones that have darts or pool, so you can challenge each other to a friendly game. Wager a play on the jukebox or the loser pays for the next game! You can get cheap beer or drinks in these bars on special nights/times, so make sure to investigate that beforehand. Some bars have a 2 drink minimum but will wave that for people only drinking soda or water.

Go junkin': Okay, so depending on what you buy, this one could turn out to be a more expensive date. Restrict that by taking cash and leaving your debit cards at home! Head to the local antique shop, flea markets, or resale store. There is something for everyone in these places! You both are certain to learn more about each other based on the things that you like or find interesting. Since we are slowly remodeling every room in our house, I really enjoy mentally picturing where things would fit in each room and discovering what we agree on and what we don't in advance!

Go rock climbing: Head to a local indoor rock climbing gym for some exercise. You can make this one a contest as well and race to the top. If you live in an area that allows for outdoor rock climbing, that's another great alternative! Use the adrenaline boost to liven up a day that you might otherwise have spent inside at home!

Do you want to build a snowman?: If you live in an area that will be “Frozen” sooner or later, building a snowman can be a great way to have fun and not spend a dime. Borrow items from your house for the snowman's clothes. Make the snowman as big as you can, or make a whole snow family! Be sure to pose with your snow creations; the pictures will help you remember the experience longer than they will be around. Plus you'll want to cuddle when you get back inside to warm up from the cold, maybe with some of this peppermint hot cocoa too!

Go apple picking: Spend some time walking and picking apples, berries, cherries, pears, etc at a farm nearby. Many orchards or pumpkin patches have coupons available, so be sure to check the local newspaper. Once you are done collecting your bounty, take it home and cook up an awesome meal or dessert, like these applesauce sundaes!

Daydream about a fantasy trip: It may take a while to save for the actual trip, but you'll never get there if you don't plan first. Actually planning the trip might be just the push you need to start saving. Plan where you'll go, what you want to see, and how you'll get there. Research places to stay and what everything will cost. Then set up a separate savings account and start stashing money there! 

Let a local shooting range put you to the test: Consider taking a class or spending a few hours at a shooting range. Some locations offer a family pass for the whole day for $15-20. Skeet and target shooting are a great way to get outdoors. The ranges provide a safe and clean place to learn about the sport. I quickly learned that a smaller archery & hunting store was much less expensive for range time than big shops like Bass Pro Shops and that buying your own is much cheaper if you plan on shooting often!

Build something together: Work together to put together a table or bookcase that you've been wanting in your home. The investment in what to build might be more than $20 but you can save the cost of having someone else assemble it for you. Go into Wal-Mart or Target and look at their furniture, too. Most of it is reasonably priced and durable for people that don't have 4 boys that are pros at breaking the unbreakable… I've found some really inexpensive furniture on Amazon too!

Tour a haunted house: There are many locations that are available for tours year-round. There are also the ones that pop up just in time for the Halloween season. Keep an eye out for coupons around Halloween for discounts or two-for-one offers! Make plans to watch a scary movie first, then go to the haunted location for extra thrills!

Get cultured: Check out local art galleries, exhibits or museums. There are shows going on in many unique places these days, so be sure to utilize local sources for this type of event. Galleries will have exhibitions to show off new artists. These events often feature wine and appetizers for attendees at little to no cost! Check out your local art museum and have a light lunch in their cafe or coffee shop.

Being together and having fun doesn't have to cost a fortune. All you have to do is be a little creative and think outside the box to find new and different opportunities to connect on a whole other level!


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