How to Organize A Freezer

Welcome to a chill adventure where the destination is an organized, efficient, and ultimately happier deep freezer! If you've ever lost a bag of peas in the icy depths or can't remember when that ground beef first set foot in the cold, this post is for you. Say goodbye to digging around in the frosty unknown and hello to the joy of always knowing where your frozen pizza resides. Ready to dive in? Bundle up and let's turn your deep freezer from an arctic tundra of mystery into a beautifully organized polar paradise!

Inside of messy freezer with items haphazardly wrapped and randomly placed.

Navigating your way around an organized freezer starts with understanding your freezer type. Is it a chest or an upright freezer? Both have their own unique ways of being organized. An upright freezer has shelves just like a fridge, making it easy to arrange items. A chest freezer, on the other hand, is like a big box that you can sort and divide in different ways.

Also, what you usually freeze matters too. Whether you freeze prepacked foods, raw ingredients, or your own homemade freezer meals, the types of foods in your freezer can affect the way you organize.

Knowing these things can help you figure out the best way to arrange your freezer. It's like making a plan that's specially designed for you, which means it'll work better and last longer. With this in mind, get ready to have a freezer that's as organized as a library and as cool as a winter day!

Interior of empty chest freezer

Take Everything Out Before Organizing

Kick off your organizing journey by plunging into the disorganized chest freezer or the jumbled contents of your entire freezer. Take out all the items and spread them out on your kitchen counter. This total cleanout helps you take a good look at your icy collection and plan how you'll arrange everything later. You might even find some surprises (or long-lost frozen goodies) during this process!

Make a Freezer Inventory Printable

After you've journeyed through your freezer's contents, it's time to make what we'll call a ‘freezer inventory sheet'. Write down each item's name and the date you froze it. This detailed sheet will become your secret weapon for future grocery shopping, meal planning, and making sure nothing gets left in the freezer for too long, which will reduce your food waste. It's like a roadmap to help you keep track of what you have in your freezer.

If you prefer cute printables, I've made my own fridge, freezer, and pantry inventory sheets. You can get them as part of my Meal Planning Printable set!

Printables from a meal planner and kitchen inventory set on a wooden surface.

Add Levels

Turn the vast space of your freezer, whether chest or upright, into a stacked city of organized food. By adding levels, you'll be making the best use of all that vertical room. Sturdy cutting boards, wire racks, or freezer shelves can serve as handy floors in your frosty skyscraper. This trick helps keep your frozen goods neatly arranged, no matter the freezer type you have!

Closeup view of an organized freezer shelf, with sealed produce and containers of frozen soup.

Separate Food Into Bins

Using containers is a smart approach to separating and organizing foods in your deep freezer. There are various types of containers you can utilize, such as dollar store bins, milk crates (especially useful in chest freezers), zip lock bags, specialty freezer containers for homemade soup, wire baskets, and even repurposed cardboard boxes.

Each type of container offers its own advantages in terms of storage, visibility, or specific food storage needs. By incorporating these containers into your freezer organization system, you can streamline the storage process and easily locate the items you need without digging through a frosty labyrinth.

Storage containers with frozen produce.

Dollar Store Bins

Dollar store bins are an excellent choice when it comes to organizing your freezer, offering a multitude of benefits. One of the primary advantages is their affordability, as they are a budget-friendly option for freezer organization. These bins can be found at a low cost, allowing you to purchase multiple bins without breaking the bank. Their versatility is another key aspect. Dollar store bins come in various sizes, accommodating different items and adapting to the specific layout of your freezer.

Whether you need a small bin for organizing frozen berries or a larger one for storing bulkier items, these bins offer the flexibility to meet your unique freezer landscape. Despite their economical price, their impact on freezer organization is invaluable. Investing a small amount in these storage marvels can bring priceless orderliness to your deep freezer, helping you find and access items with ease while keeping your freezer neat and tidy.

Empty wire basket with handles.

Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are a brilliant addition to your deep freezer organization, offering both practicality and aesthetics. These baskets bring a touch of elegance to the icy realm of your freezer. Their open structure allows for effortless visibility, enabling you to quickly identify the contents of each basket without having to dig through a pile of frozen items.

The sturdy build of wire baskets ensures they can withstand the weight of heavier items, making them ideal for storing bulkier goods or even accommodating those rock-hard frozen turkeys that take up precious space. By utilizing wire baskets in your deep freeze, you'll not only create an organized system but also add a touch of sophistication to your freezer arrangement.

Open containers of frozen soup sitting on a placemat to thaw.

Specialty Freezer Containers

Specialty freezer containers are a game-changer when it comes to deep freeze organization. These containers are specifically designed to withstand low temperatures and preserve the quality of your frozen food. They offer airtight seals that prevent air exposure and freezer burn, ensuring your food stays fresh for longer periods.

These soup cube containers are particularly handy for storing individual portions of homemade soups, allowing you to conveniently grab a single serving whenever you desire. With their stackable design, they optimize space utilization in your freezer, enabling you to make the most of every inch.

Investing in specialty freezer containers, such as soup cube containers, is a worthwhile endeavor, as they provide the ultimate protection and organization for your frozen culinary treasures. Say goodbye to messy spills and wasted food, and say hello to the satisfaction of a neatly arranged deep freeze.

Plastic containers of frozen food, stacked neatly inside a freezer.

Repurposed Containers

When it comes to organizing your deep freeze, repurposing various items can be a game-changer. Take empty yogurt or deli containers, for example, and give them a second life as storage containers for small portions of leftovers or ingredients. Ensure they are freezer-safe and have tight-fitting lids to maintain freshness. Don't forget to give them a thorough cleaning before reuse!

Additionally, repurposing empty egg cartons provides individual compartments perfect for freezing and storing small items like berries or chopped herbs. They effectively keep items separate and prevent them from sticking together. Just store the egg cartons inside an airtight container, such as a freezer bag.

Ice cube tray with herbs to freeze.

Another handy repurposed item is ice cube trays, which can serve as organizers for smaller freezer items. Utilize them to freeze small portions of herbs, sauces, or even make coffee cubes for iced coffee enthusiasts.

Finally, thoroughly cleaned and empty milk jugs can find new life as DIY freezer containers, especially suitable for storing liquids like homemade broth, soups, or sauces. Just remember to leave enough headspace for expansion during freezing.

By repurposing these items, you not only enhance your deep freeze organization but also contribute to sustainable and creative solutions for storage.

Ziplock bags of frozen, chopped vegetables on a placemat with herbs.

Different Kinds of Bags

Bags are invaluable allies when it comes to organizing your deep freeze. Whether you opt for zipped plastic bags or reusable silicone ones, they offer versatile storage options for your frozen goods.

Bags have the flexibility to conform to tight spaces, making efficient use of every nook and cranny in your freezer. Additionally, their ability to layer neatly on top of each other maximizes vertical space.

For ultimate preservation, vacuum-sealed bags are a fantastic choice. By removing excess air, these bags create a protective barrier that prevents freezer burn, extending the life and maintaining the quality of your frozen food.

Whether you're portioning ingredients, storing leftovers, or organizing prepped meals, bags are an essential tool in your deep freeze organization arsenal.

Drawer full of bagged produce.

Cardboard Boxes

Don't underestimate the power of humble cardboard boxes in the realm of freezer organization. These unassuming boxes can play a crucial role in creating order and maximizing space. With a little creativity, they can be repurposed as makeshift dividers, providing clear boundaries between different food items.

Additionally, when positioned vertically, cardboard boxes can function as makeshift drawers, allowing you to slide items in and out with ease. So, before you toss that empty cereal box into the recycling bin, consider its potential as a valuable asset in your freezer organization strategy.

Freezer draws with food sorted by type.

Divide by Category

Apart from segregating by food type, you can go a step further and categorize by usage. Have sections for breakfast items, easy dinners, slow-cooker ingredients, or smoothie add-ins. This method puts a fun spin on meal planning and makes the cooking process faster.

Ziplock bags of carrots and broccoli with blank freezer labels.

Label Everything

Labeling transcends your freezer organization from orderly to superlative. Labels serve as mini roadmaps guiding you to your desired food item. Use waterproof markers or special freezer labels to jot down the item name and date of freezing. Say goodbye to the mystery meat phenomenon!

Seal to Make More Space

Lastly, proper sealing techniques can garner more space. Seal your food tightly to expel excess air which not only prevents freezer burn but also reduces the overall volume of the package. Whether you are using bags, containers, or jugs, ensure a tight seal for a spacious and organized deep freezer.

There you have it! A roadmap to achieving and maintaining a beautifully organized deep freezer. Now, opening your freezer will no longer be a chilly plunge into chaos but a refreshing dive into frosty orderliness. Ready to chill?

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