Free Thanksgiving Addition & Subtraction Printables

Thanksgiving is a great time to work on fun activities in your homeschool classroom.  These Free Thanksgiving Addition & Subtraction Printables are perfect for use in our Free Lesson Plans For Thanksgiving.  Not only are they going to help your child to understand every day uses for math, you can use to reinforce concepts about the holiday.  They even work great alongside our Free Preschool Language Printables.

Free Thanksgiving Addition & Subtractions Worksheets


This Counting 0-9 printable is perfect for basic addition review with your children.  Take the time to go over how they can check their work for accuracy, and encourage them to go back and redo any problems they missed the first time. We focus on 0-9 instead of 1-10  because our main curriculum is Math-U-See which focuses on place value & I find it easier to teach children double digit math when place value is understood early on.

Addition 0 to 9

Use these fun How Many Addition printable to review the concepts of math in a more visual form.  Picture problems are great for younger kids learning to count.  They help to enforce your child to visualize what they are adding together. It also help math look and feel like a more practical and applicable concept in daily life.

How many adding

This Subtracting (answers 0-9) printable is perfect for basic subtraction review with your children.  Go over the basics of taking away from a total, then have your child add their answer back to the number they are to take away to verify they have the problem correct.

subtraction 0 to 10

Use the How Many Subtracting printable as a way to help your child understand on a visual level how subtraction works.  With the fun Thanksgiving theme of these printables, you can even print an extra page, cut out the pictures and let them use them to move around to help count out as needed.

How many subtracting

These great Thanksgiving addition & subtraction printables fit perfectly into our Free Thanksgiving Lesson Plans.  Not only can these be used for review purposes, they are simple and easy to create an entire math lesson around.  Find great Thanksgiving themed items to let your kids use to help add and subtract for a hands on approach to math.

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