Mysterious Creatures From Education Outdoors Review

Education outdoors believes it is their mission to help families in their interactions and to learn about the outdoors. I personally believe that is a wonderful mission. When I was growing up, we probably spent most of our time outdoors. We made up stories, built forts, fished and generally just ran ourselves ragged all day.

Mysterious Creatures from Education Outdoors

With so many kids not wanting to play outside, this is an excellent way to get them interested. Educational Outdoors has several board games, so it is almost a given that you will find something that your children will enjoy. There is CAMP the game, Snipe, Hit the Trail and Mysterious Creatures. CAMP the game, teaches children and even adults fun facts about the great outdoors. There are different levels, so that as your child's knowledge grows, they move into higher level questions. The Snipe game is an indoor and outdoor game. You want to be the first person/team to find the other team's snipe and return it to their nest. The object of Hit the Trail is to be the first person to “hike” 100 miles. It involves cards, dice and everything fits into the backpack that comes with the game.

Education Outdoors - Mysterious Creatures Game

The game that Cameron & Connor were the most interested in was the Mysterious Creatures game. Mysterious Creatures is a game meant to engage the players' curiosities about nature's mysteries that are found around the world. The first player to collect their 3 evidence cards and then makes it back to their creatures country of origin, wins the game. While this game is a little above my oldest son at the moment, it has given us some things to research while we wait to be able to use it. It is definitely giving us some interesting discussion material and more than one homeschool unit study.

The Snipe game will be appearing under our tree this year. I love that it is an indoor & outdoor toy, so they can use it inside until the weather is nice enough. The best part – the twins will each be able to play on a team with one of the older boys, making it a real family game.




You can find Education Outdoors on Facebook, Twitter and on YouTube.

NOTE: The website doesn't have the ages clearly listed in the descriptions and I didn't think to look at the photos before picking out the Mysterious Creatures game, therefore it isn't a game we can utilize according to the directions at this time.


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I was provided with Mysterious Creatures free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own & those of my children. Because the boys are still too young for this, we have put it up to play with later. 

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