Organizing Your Computer With Dropbox

Organizing your computer with Dropbox can mean the difference between saving important files and losing them forever should your computer crash. Dropbox is an excellent resource for busy moms as well as business people. Don't forget to check out the rest of the organizing tips series!

Organizing Your Computer with Dropbox

Take advantage of organizing your computer with Dropbox to make sure you don't lose track of anything important.  Baby photos, important documents and work projects can all be saved into a Dropbox account for access from anywhere.  Syncing Dropbox on all of your devices is simple and an excellent way to keep track of important items at home, work, or on the go.

Organizing Your Computer with Dropbox

Organizing Your Computer

Setup a free Dropbox account.  To begin you'll need to set up your own Dropbox account. You can get a free 2gig of storage by signing up.  To increase your amount of storage available, you can ask others to sign up under you for their own free account.  Dropbox can then be downloaded to your desktop, accessed on your smart phone, or in your Internet browser.

Upgrade for additional storage. You can easily upgrade for additional storage for as low as $100 per year.  The monthly fee is around $9.99 for up to 1 Terabyte of storage. This is recommended for anyone who has a lot of image files.  Are you storing your kids baby pictures?  This $100 per year is well worth it to know you won't lose them even if your hard drive or phone crash.

Setup your smart phone to backup to Dropbox. Add the Dropbox app to your phone to back up pictures, image files and more on the go. It's a great way to keep all of those pictures you take safely stored while freeing up space on your phone storage. It came in handy when my smartphone decided to overheat & die.  All the photos I've taken were saved, except the ones in the last couple hours that hadn't synced yet.

Sort into personal and business folders.  Create folders for personal and business needs.  You can create two main folders, then sub folders within them. By keeping things organized for easy access, it will be simple to locate what you need on a regular basis. Create folders for taxes, mortgage, budgets and images.  You can then sort those out by year, child, schools, etc.  to make it easy to account for anything you need at any time.

Sync files regularly.  You can usually set up your Dropbox to sync any time you are online, but you will want to make sure if using it on your computer that you make sure files have synced before you shut down just in case there is a problem rebooting.  You can also manually upload files into the Dropbox folders online.  You can also check your phone, tablet, or other computers regularly to make sure everything is synced across all devices.

Organizing your computer with Dropbox gives you peace of mind.  Not only will you have everything safely stored in one folder instead of scattered throughout your computer files, you'll be able to access it no matter what happens to your computer.  Being able to know your pictures, tax files, budgets and important documents are easy to access from anywhere is a great peace of mind everyone needs.

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