Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Being apart doesn't mean you have to skip Mothers' Day! There are so many ways to show Mom you appreciate & love her when you can't spend the day together. Check out some of our favorite Mother's Day gift ideas for this year!

Mother's Day not spent with my mom will be HARD. I can't remember a year we weren't together, normally grilling out as a family. My grandparents would stop by and Grammy would have a card with a lovely message about how grateful she is for my four boys. I've always believed that time and heartfelt words are 2 of the best gifts you can give someone, but social distancing has our Mother's Day looking a bit different this year.

As a family, we are very familiar with video chatting, so I'm sure Sunday will include video calls to my mom & Nick's (even though the UK Mother's Day was in March). I really felt the need to DO something this year though.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Because my mom is close enough I can drive & drop off something, I chose to do something I knew she'd appreciate. I picked up some 5 gallon buckets, some veggie plants, and planted them for her. They will be pretty low maintenance and make it easy for her to grow some goodies while she's focusing her energy on fixing things with the new house instead of putting in a garden.

My MIL…that one required a bit of planning since she's over in the UK. It's the first Mother's Day since we got married and I wanted to do something for her. Unfortunately, shipping is a bit delayed so hers will be a bit late! The kids wrote her letters and drew pictures for her.

With the changes across the world right now, we want to support small businesses as much as possible. When it comes to personalized gifts, Etsy is my first stop! They have their own gift guide for Mother's Day, but we wanted to share some of the gift ideas we found too!

Gifts for Mother's Day

DIY Gift Ideas for Mom

Need a last-minute gift you can whip up? Check out these easy DIYs Mom can use to pamper herself with for an at-home spa day!

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