Weekly Menu Bingo

Use Bingo to plan out your meals!

Creating a meal plan may sound easy, especially if you don't have to adhere to a tight budget and you already have a handful of meals in mind. However, creating a healthy weekly menu may prove to be a challenge, especially if you have family members who are picky eaters. Looking for a way to make menu planning fun for the whole family? Try our weekly menu bingo game.

Eat healthy five days a week with the help of 5×5 grids

To begin planning your weekly menu bingo, prepare a list of the following: 5 types of breakfast, 5 heavy lunch meals, 5 light dishes for dinner, and 10 healthy snacks. Once you’re done with the list, create a bingo card using free online tools such as Print Bingo and input the items in your list as the values on your bingo cards. To set your daily meal plan, draw one item from each of the categories (two from the snacks section) and mark them on your cards. Preferably, play the game with the entire family and make everyday eating a surprising experience. With this variant of bingo, you will be able to ensure that the whole family consumes all the major food groups everyday and bring structure into your meal times.

Bingo nowadays has become more than just a game; it has become a vehicle for different institutions to promote their causes and create brand awareness. In the UK, a popular grocery chain teamed up with a famous gaming company to release Iceland Bingo, a way for Iceland Foods to promote the brand using bingo. Meanwhile, hundreds of civic groups from all around the world use bingo to raise funds for charitable causes. Groups such as the Rotary Club of Blouberg uses bingo as a vehicle in providing better equipment in classrooms in South Africa.

If these organizations can turn bingo into a game that can make changes, why not use it in your household to change your family’s eating habits and incorporate healthy meals into their daily lives? Start with menu bingo and make meal planning with your family full of healthy variations.

This great idea was contributed by Samantha James and shows how versatile Bingo can be! I'm thinking it might be great for a chore chart too!

What other unique ways can you think of to utilize Bingo?

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