Free Lesson Plan for Thanksgiving – Day 5

Thanksgiving is almost here!  We have reached our final day in this Free Lesson Plan For Thanksgiving Unit Study.  Day 5 will round up our past days lessons, bringing us to the final things we want to teach this year about this day which celebrates thankfulness.  As you go through each activity, remember to focus continually on the fact that being thankful doesn't only come on this one day each year.  We should find things to be thankful for every single day.  Remind your children about things like electricity, their warm home, food on the table and family.

Free Lesson Plans for Thanksgiving

Math Lesson Plan

Use the corn kernels from the sensory bin, or candy corn as a math manipulative. Practice skip counting, and basic math skills like addition and subtraction.  Use the basic addition and subtraction printables again if you feel your child needs more review.

Make 2 piles of different amounts with your math objects, ask your child to show identify which has more, or less.  This is great for classification, and showing practical applied math outside the basic problems you do on worksheets.

Language Arts Lesson Plan

Read a Thanksgiving story to and with your child from the suggested reading list.

Add to the “ I Am Thankful For“ prompt again, encourage your child to come up with new things everyday.

Have your child help you write out your own Thanksgiving menu, look through sale ads, talk about typical dishes that are served for Thanksgiving, maybe add a new dish this year?  If they are able have them write the shopping list, or copy yours.  Have younger kids draw pictures of items they want to have, and then create traceable words for them to practice beneath the pictures.

Art Lesson Plan

Make thumb print Indian corn. Draw an oval corn shape from light colored construction paper, press you childs thumb in orange, yellow, red, and brown ink ( you could also use markers)  press randomly on the paper.  Glue on a husk cut from green or tan construction paper.

History/Geography Lesson Plan

Talk about modern day Thanksgiving traditions, like Turkey, pies, sweet potatoes, parades, and having lots of family friends share the dinner. Discuss how some things are similar to the original feast and how some things have been changed and added. Use some of these links to research Traditions and spark discussions.

Sensory Lesson Plan

Model a Mayflower ship from play dough, or modeling clay (this falls under art and fine motor activity as well) . Provide your child with white paper for sails, sticks for masts. Create  Pilgrams, Indians, a turkey, pie and other Thanksgiving symbols from the playdough.

Cooking Activity

Make these adorable turkey cupcakes from our recipe Here.  These are great for a snack during this weeks lesson and to make them again for a new Thanksgiving dessert.  Try using other candies to create other Thanksgiving foods on top of your cupcakes.

Additional Resources

The Story of the Pilgrims

If You Were at the First Thanksgiving

This First Thanksgiving: Counting Book

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