Free Thanksgiving Printable Math Worksheets

Use these free Thanksgiving printable math worksheets to make math fun!  I designed this set of Thanksgiving Math Worksheets for my 7-year-olds and 9-year-old! Need to keep the little ones occupied this month?  Check out these Preschool Math Worksheets!

Free Thanksgiving Addition & Subtractions Worksheets

Free Thanksgiving Printable Math Worksheets

If you are like most families, the second half of November marks the beginning of the busy holiday season. I spend a lot of time deep cleaning, baking, and trying to perfect new Thanksgiving recipes.  On top of that, I still have four boys to homeschool and a business to run!  We homeschool year-round so we have a lighter schedule starting at Halloween and running until the New Year.  This makes it easier to manage all of the busy holiday plans. However, I still want to make sure the boys are doing something to further their education.  That's where these printable math worksheets com into play.

Math is a HUGE thing at our house.  My middle son is obsessed with numbers and will follow the adults around asking for more math problems to solve, so I had to start with some fun printable math worksheets to keep him busy! He actually does math on a higher level than his holder brother (who is my Science geek), so I did a variety of math worksheets to hit all ability levels.

Thanksgiving Math Worksheets: Double Digit Addition

Free Addition Printable Math Worksheets

These printable math worksheets are great for all areas of addition and for multiple ages.  A review worksheet is a huge part of retaining mathematics concepts.  By giving them worksheets like this to use during our less structured holiday season, I am helping to encourage their minds to retain that information longer.

  1. Preschool Math
  2. 0-9 Addition
  3. Double Digit Addition

Free Subtraction Printable Math Worksheets

Free Thanksgiving Math Worksheets: Multiplication TurkeyFree Multiplication Worksheets

Free Division Worksheets



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