52 Week Savings Challenge

2016 Weekly Savings Challenge

I love the 52 Week Savings Challenges, but I've never found one I can do ALL year.  The forward one doesn't work, because I end up stopping midyear to do Christmas shopping/savings and the backward one isn't a real option for us. My husband is normally off work for 2-3 weeks of the holidays and we are living off our savings then. So, I created my own and hope it works for you!

The purpose of a weekly savings challenge is to push yourself to make savings a priority.  If you complete the challenge you'll have saved almost $1400!  The important part is to pretend it doesn't exist!  These savings are meant to be SAVED for when you NEED them. Whether the washer went out, the car has a flat, or something else comes up, you want to be able to take care of it without going into (or further into) debt and without stressing.

You can work this forward (save $1 on week 1, $2 on week 2), backward, or randomly.  Every week deposit something into your savings, as much as you can afford, and cross off the amount in the bottom chart.  If you deposit more than $52 (congrats!), just cross off the highest dollar amount you still have.  If you don't have $1 to throw in your savings that week, clean out the car or couch.  I don't think I've ever found less than a dollar in my car.


52 Week Savings Challenge for 2016

Click here to download/print your Savings Challenge!

More Ways to Fill Your Savings Jar:

  • Use cash envelopes and put anything left over at the end of your pay period into savings.
  • For non-cash purchases & online bill paying, use a “save the change” debit card that will automatically round up to the nearest dollar, putting the change into your savings.
  • Turn your change in directly to a bank that doesn't charge fees for change-counting or wrap it yourself.
  • Instead of grabbing a coffee on the way to work, fill up your thermos and put $1 in your savings jar.

What are some other ways you save money?

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