How to Show Yourself Some Love With Solo Dates

Love yourself. Two words you see often whether it's via social media or on someone's mood board, but does it mean something, and have you applied it yourself? If you haven't, you're not alone.

Oftentimes, people get caught up in their daily lives to make sure everyone else feels loved and forget about showing self-love. Self-love is the ability to fully accept yourself and understand your worth.  

Take some time to love yourself with these solo dates. 

Create an Evening Self-Care Routine

In recent years, the term self-care or self-care routine has become so infectious. Self-care routines can be life savers. They promote a sense of stability, relaxation, and calmness. 

Self-care routines can be composed of anything. For example, spending time dedicated to exercising or completing your daily skincare routine are two ways that one may show self-care. Everyone's self-care routine will look different based on the response to their daily lives. 

An evening self-care routine is a set of activities you can implement in the same order right before heading to bed. Encompass things that you will look forward to after a long day. For example, your evening routine could be to start off making dinner and sitting at the dining room table. Then dim your lights and put on some candles just in time for a warm bath. To end off your routine you could practice gratitude journaling. 

Write a Love Letter to Yourself

It’s great that you've loved those around you, but take a moment to pour love into yourself by filling a love letter addressed to you with positivity. Share in the letter your thoughts and goals about the future. Even take a look back down memory lane and forgive yourself for any mistakes that you've made. Recognize your insecurities and then leave them behind. 

Creating this letter on your media device with a cute aesthetic seems so perfect right? Not quite. Grab a pen and paper to actually jot these things down. You can make it personal by using a fancy pen or a love letter template. Once you have completed your letter, put it in an envelope, address it yourself, and tuck it away for the next time you need to boost your self-love. 

Challenge Yourself 

Spending time alone can go two ways: it's great and you're occupied or you’re bored and would love people around. Try not getting bored while being alone by challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone.

Creating challenge cards is a great way to break out of your routine and push yourself to try something new. Challenge cards can include anything from turning on some music and having a dance solo party to turning your phone off for a few hours to be present in reality. 

Once a week, choose a challenge card from the jar and try out the activity stated on the card. Emphasis on trying to know you at least attempted it. 

There are several ways to make the relationship with yourself stronger than ever.  Check out these printables from Redbubble to guide you along the way. 

Self-Challenge Cards Preview

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