Top 10 Greek Yogurt Recipes

Top 10 Greek Yogurt RecipesThis year, I am working on incorporating at least one new “superfood” recipe into my menu for every week, in an effort to eat a wider variety of foods and lose weight. I'm not sure what it takes to be considered a superfood (since every list is different), but Greek yogurt counts at our house. Greek yogurt has twice the protein of regular yogurt and is lower in lactose. It has probiotic cultures, doesn't contain all the extra sugar, and still has the calcium, potassium, protein, zinc, and vitamins B6 & B12 that you find in most yogurts.

Seven Layer Bean Dip with Chips
Photo Credit: Deals from MS Do

This looks like a much healthier version than the recipe I tried last year.

Greek Yogurt Smoothie
Photo Credit: Mindfully Frugal

This smoothie recipe works great with Greek yogurt!  I love the slight change in flavor. We made a variation with bagged frozen fruit & a small handful of spinach this morning.

Greek Yogurt & Mustard Potato Salad
Photo Credit: Family Friendly Frugality

Yum!  I can't wait to try this one out.  My husband loves potato salad & I cringe adding all that mayo to it.  This is a MUCH better alternative.

Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad
Photo Credit: Maggie from A Bitchin' Kitchen

 This lighter chicken salad looks like a great recipe to try out as warmer weather approaches!

Meyer Lemon Cake with Greek Yogurt
Photo Credit: Mountain Mama Cooks

This just looks so moist & delicious!

Twice Baked Potatoes with Greek Yogurt
Photo Credit: Kitchen Treaty

What a great way to make twice baked potatoes everyone can enjoy without the guilt!

Greek Yogurt Vanilla Cupcakes
Photo Credit: Gimme Some Oven

Is there anything that isn't made better by a cupcake? Now I can actually eat one without visualizing my waistline expanding!

Photo Credit: The Vintage Mixer

This Kale Artichoke dip looks amazing and is a much healthier version of my Spinach & Artichoke dip.

Greek Yogurt Bundt Cake
Photo Credit: Cake Duchess

have to order some of these mini bundt pans so I can try this recipe! These grapefruit & Greek yogurt cakes look positively delectable!

Beef Tzatziki
Photo Credit: A Farmer in the Dell

Isn't that color just gorgeous?  I can't wait for my crop of beets this year to make this Greek yogurt beet tzatziki!

Want to incorporate Greek yogurt into your own recipes?  Use this guide from Chobani!

What are some of your favorite Greek yogurt recipes?

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  1. Thanks for including my Seven Layer Dip in your Round Up. No less than top billing. Woo Hoo! 🙂 You are correct, it is a pretty healthy recipe, too. I’m checking out the chicken salad, I don’t like mayo, miracle whip, etc. so I’m hoping this will give me a new option for chicken salad!