Frugal Summer Kid’s Activities

Frugal Summer Activities

Are your kids driving you crazy yet with the “I’m bored!” cry? It’s time to find some fun, frugal summer activities to get them something to do that won’t be hard on your checkbook and will help you keep your sanity this summer!

Frugal Summer Kid’s Activities

1. Go ice blocking! Have a hill in your backyard? Head to your local convenience store and spend a few dollars on a big block of ice. Let your kids use the ice as a sled down the hill! They will stay cool and have a blast, sledding in the summer. It should also keep them busy for at least a good hour, until the ice melts!

2. Get a backyard pool. You don’t need to buy a fancy pool for your backyard that costs hundreds of dollars. Most discount stores and even Amazon sell nice sized pools for under $30. Grab one that is easy to set up and pick up a blow up beach ball from your local dollar store. The pool should keep your kids entertained for days on end, saving you money from having to pay to go to the city pool.

3. Get crafty. Head to your local dollar store and check out the craft aisle. You should be able to find plenty of different paper, marker, and small project that your kids will have fun doing on those days when it’s too hot to go outside.

4. Look to local and free entertainment. For a break from the same old things, look into special deals that your city might have going on in the summer such as free bowling, $1 movies, free workshops, VBS, and free kid’s entertainment.

5. Set up rotating fun days with other moms. You don’t have to plan something each day this summer. Take turns planning special activity/fun days with other moms in your area! Each mom can take one day during the week to host a special day of fun activities, games, and snacks at their home for all the kids. The day can be themed also to make it easier to plan and more fun for the kids.

Think outside of the box this summer to keep your kids entertained (and keep them from driving you crazy!) by utilizing some of these frugal summer activities and coming up with more of your own, based on the area you live in.

What is your favorite frugal summer activities to do with the kids?

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