Free Thanksgiving Handwriting Printables

What better time to practice handwriting than with Thanksgiving and things you are thankful for?  These Free Thanksgiving Handwriting Printables are a great choice for this holiday season.  Print these off to encourage your child to work on their handwriting skills and sentence structure as well.  Even the earliest of learners can give you things to write down and they can copy for accuracy.

Free Thanksgiving Handwriting Worksheets


Use this I Am Thankful For writing prompt daily in your Thanksgiving Lesson Plan.  Not only will it encourage your kids to think about different things in their life they are happy about.  They can write full sentences if able, or simple words if just beginning in their writing practice.


Complete this Turkey's Lost Feathers by drawing feathers with your favorite colors.  You can even have your student write the color on each feather for extra handwriting practice.

Lost feathers

Fill this Cornucopia full of your favorite Thanksgiving treats and label with appropriate words.  Corn, candy, acorns, hay and even pumpkins are all great images kids can draw in this printable and label using the simple words as instructed by you.

My Cornucopia (1)

Have kids fill in each of these Thankful Turkey's feathers with all the things they are thankful for.  Encourage them to think about new and different things than they have used already in their thankfulness handwriting practice this year.

What are you thankful for

These simple and fun handwriting printables are perfect for going alongside our Free Thanksgiving Lesson Plans.  Every day pull out your I Am Thankful writing prompt and have your child add at least 2-3 new items to be thankful for.  Make sure to include these printables alongside your holiday reading, or even encourage your children to use these color pages while talking about their favorite foods, favorite parts of Thanksgiving or what they think it would be like to have been there for the very first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrim's.

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