Create Your Ultimate Christmas Bucket List

With the holiday season fast approaching, it's time to get ready to make this Christmas truly special. Your Christmas bucket list is the secret sauce to infusing your festive season with joy and memorable experiences. Whether you're celebrating with family or planning a solo adventure, your Christmas bucket list is the practical tool that will help you make the most of this wonderful time.

Join us as we guide you through the process of crafting a Christmas bucket list that's tailored to your preferences. So, grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage, find a cozy spot, and let's delve into the art of creating lasting holiday memories.

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What Is a Christmas Bucket List?

A Christmas bucket list is like a magical list of all the awesome things you want to do during the holiday season, especially around Christmas time. It's a super fun way to make the most out of the holidays and create some fantastic memories with your family and friends. This list is a mix of stuff we do every year, and some personal ideas that really capture the spirit of the season.

Think of it as your holiday game plan! It helps you organize and celebrate the season with all the things that make you smile and bring everyone closer together. So, whether it's baking gingerbread cookies, watching holiday movies, or going ice skating, your Christmas bucket list is like your secret recipe for spreading joy during this special time of year.

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How to Create Your Christmas Bucket List

Crafting your ultimate Christmas bucket list is akin to decorating a gingerbread houseā€”no single right way, but the joy is in the creativity. Grab your favorite cocoa, snuggle under a cozy blanket, and reminisce about past Christmases. Recall the moments that filled your heart with laughter and holiday cheer. Was it your enthusiastic attempt to recreate Grandma's sugar cookies with your husband or an impromptu snowball fight while shoveling the driveway? These cherished memories will guide your list.

For inspiration, we have a sleigh-load of ideas to share, along with two free printables: one filled with suggestions and another as a blank canvas for your festive plans.

What to Include on Your Christmas “To-Do” List

Your Christmas bucket list depends on your family traditions, new traditions you want to explore, your location, and the weather. For us, snow angels and building a snow fort were part of the holiday season. For my husband, growing up in central Scotland didn't lend many opportunities for snow forts.

While going through our ideas below, remember that it is important to ENJOY the holiday season. Try to balance the types of activities you do and plan, so that you can accomplish everything without stressing out too much!

Three children making snow angels.

50+ Christmas Bucket List Ideas

  1. Acts of Kindness: Perform acts of kindness throughout the holiday season, such as making a card for a neighbor, donating diapers or formula to a food pantry or homeless shelter, leaving a gift card for your mail carrier, or even just drawing a smiley face on a post-it note and placing where others might need a smile.
  2. Adopt an Elf: If you haven't yet, consider adopting an Elf on the Shelf. It's a lot of fun & older kids can be brought into the secret to help plan each day's adventure for the littles to discover.
  3. Advent Calendar Unwrapping: Savor the countdown to Christmas by revealing a new surprise each day from your Advent calendar, creating a daily moment of anticipation and joy.
  4. Attend a Christmas Choir: Lend your voice to a local group for the season or join a caroling group.
  5. Attend a Midnight Mass: Experience the solemn beauty of a Christmas Eve service.
  6. Attend a Tree Lighting Ceremony: Join the community to watch the grand illumination of the local Christmas tree.
  7. Bake a Traditional Fruitcake: Embrace the classic Christmas tradition.
  8. Build a Hot Chocolate Bar: Building a hot cocoa bar is a delightful way to create a cozy and inviting space where friends and family can customize their warm, chocolatey drinks to perfection.
  9. Build a Snowman: Embrace the winter weather and create a jolly snowman in your yard.
  10. Christmas Around the World Dinner: Prepare dishes from different cultures and learn how they celebrate.
  11. Christmas Bonfire: Gather friends and family for a warm outdoor gathering.
  12. Christmas Book Club: Read and discuss a holiday-themed book with friends.
  13. Christmas Comedy Night: Write and perform stand-up routines with a holiday twist.
  14. Christmas Craft Fair: Showcase local artisans and crafters.
  15. Christmas Crafting with Recycled Materials: Make eco-friendly decorations from items around the house.
  16. Christmas Cookies: Gather family and friends to add a sweet touch to your holiday celebrations.
  17. Christmas Eve Box for Pets: Don't forget your furry friends; prepare a box with treats and toys.
  18. Christmas Market Trip: Buy local produce and crafts for your holiday feast. Some places, like Edinburgh, have amazing Christmas markets!
  19. Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle: Enjoy a cozy, leisurely afternoon piecing together festive puzzles alone or with family/friends.
  20. Christmas Language Learning: Learn to say “Merry Christmas” in 10 different languages.
  21. Christmas Light Photography Walk: Take a stroll and capture the beauty of the lights.
  22. Homemade Ornaments: Make your own Christmas tree ornaments like these applesauce and spice ornaments! It'll leave the house smelling amazing all season long!
  23. Mail Cards to the Troops: Show your support and gratitude by sending holiday cards to our service members.
  24. Make Reindeer Food: Whip up a magical mix to leave out for Santa's reindeer on Christmas Eve.
  25. Christmas Morning Breakfast: Plan and prepare a special meal to enjoy after opening presents.
  26. Christmas Origami: Fold the paper into intricate holiday shapes and decorations.
  27. Christmas Pen Pals: Exchange letters with someone from a different part of the world.
  28. Science Experiments: Try out holiday-themed science activities, like making fake snow.
  29. Sock Puppet Show: Put on a puppet show with holiday-themed sock puppets.
  30. Christmas Spelling Bee: Host a spelling contest with holiday-related words.
  31. Christmas Star Gazing: Bundle up and watch the winter night sky.
  32. Christmas Time Capsule: Fill it with this year's memories to be opened in the future.
  33. Christmas Tree Recycling Program: After the holidays, participate in or organize a tree recycling initiative.
  34. Christmas Tree Topper Crafting: Make a unique tree topper with your personal touch.
  35. Implement the Four Gift Rule: It's super simple and keeps Christmas shopping from going wild. Each family member only gets four gifts: something to read, something they need, something they want, and something to wear.
  36. Create Handmade Christmas Cards: Craft your cards with personal touches for each recipient.
  37. Drive Around Looking at Christmas Lights and Decorations: Take a festive nighttime drive to admire the dazzling displays in your neighborhood.
  38. Family Photos: Do a family Christmas photo shoot.  Use it for Christmas cards or just for your own collection.
  39. Give to Charity: Spread the holiday spirit by donating to a cause close to your heart.
  40. Go for a Sleigh Ride: Adding a sleigh ride to your Christmas bucket list is a cool way to dive into the holiday spirit and have some fun in the snow.
  41. Ice Skating: Glide gracefully (or not!) on an ice rink for some classic winter fun.
  42. Make a Gingerbread House: Get creative in the kitchen and build your own edible gingerbread masterpiece.
  43. Make Paper Snowflakes: This is one of those simple yet fun crafts.  Just like real snowflakes, no two are alike!
  44. Make Snow Angels: Spend some time outside making snow angels or having a snowball fight!
  45. Ugly Sweater Party: Host an ugly sweater party & see who has the best over-the-top sweater.
  46. Make Holiday Slime or Playdough: Sensory play is always a hit but Christmas scents are wonderful to incorporate. Whip up some of this Peppermint Oobleck, Peppermint Playdough, or some Christmas Butter Slime.
  47. Visit Santa Claus in a Mall or Event: Take the little ones to see Santa, or just go for the nostalgia.
  48. Volunteer: Volunteer at a food bank, a pet shelter, a soup pantry, or anywhere else you feel called to serve.
  49. Watch Christmas Movies: Cozy up with your favorite holiday films, complete with popcorn and hot chocolate.
  50. Watch the Macy's Parade: Tune in or attend the famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for a dose of holiday cheer.
  51. White Elephant Gift Exchange: Participating in a white elephant gift exchange is always a hilarious and unpredictable adventure filled with laughter and surprises.
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Keep in mind that at the core of your holiday bucket list lies the delight of shared experiences and the comfort of life's simple joys. Whether you're wrapping gifts or bundling up in a cozy scarf for a winter adventure, each item on your list should be a building block for crafting enduring memories that will shine as brightly as the lights on your tree in the years to come.

Ready to start your holiday adventure? Make sure to get your printable list, and let's plan a Christmas season that's going to be super fun and totally memorable.

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