National Irish Coffee Day Recipes

National Irish Coffee Day Recipes

Since today is National Irish Coffee Day, I wanted to share some of the great Irish Coffee recipes I've found!

For those not familiar with this amazing concept, Irish coffee is strong coffee with Irish whiskey and sugar, topped with a thick/rich cream.  In some of these, the alcohol is cooked out, while others are great for a grownup treat!

Authentic Irish Coffee | Diethood

Mocha Irish Cream Coffee | Confessions of an Overworked Mom

Irish Coffee Mousse | the little epicurean

Coffee and Cream Milk Shake | Call Me PMC

Iced Irish Coffee | delishhh

Irish Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies | What's Cooking, Love?

Irish Coffee Ice Pops | The Boy's Club

Mocha Irish Cream Cupcake for Two | Beyond Frosting

Irish Coffee Pudding | Sprinkle Bakes

Mexican Irish Coffee |

Southern-Style Irish Coffee | Men's Journal

Vegan Irish Coffee |

Irish Coffee Cupcakes | Tracey's Culinary Adventures

Irish Coffee Cake | VeganPandamonium

Irish Coffee Toffee | Kelly in the Kitchen

Irish Coffee Cheesecake | Culinary Concoctions by Peabody

Irish Coffee Sundae | Tablespoon

Irish Coffee Oatmeal Cookies | Daydreamer Desserts

Irish Coffee Bars | lisa is cooking

Irish Coffee Caramel Ice Cream | Sweet Twist of Blogging


What's your favorite Irish Coffee recipe?

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my recipe! Off to check out the others!

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