7 Positive Parenting Tips To Become a More Patient Mom

Sometimes moms feel like there is no way they can stay patient, but our positive parenting tips are here to make sure that isn't a problem anymore.  As you hear time and time again, “no mom is perfect.”  This is true, but it is also true that every parent can learn better habits to help in those tough times when patience is hard to come by.

 If you are a mom who feels as though she has no patience, then you will definitely want to check out our parenting tips that are sure to help you behave with love and gentleness instead of frustration.

7 Positive Parenting Tips To Become A More Patient Mom

A lot of people hear the term positive parenting and scoff thinking that it means children won't be disciplined or respectful.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  Positive parenting isn't about letting your kids get away with bad behavior.  It is all about learning to deal with situations in a respectful and loving way while maintaining your authority (in Child Development, this is referred to as the authoritative parenting style).  

Instead of belittling your child with loud words and anger, you are using a positive calm demeanor that shows them they are valuable.  This builds mutual respect and forms a bond of understanding between you and your child.

7 Positive Parenting Tips To Become a More Patient Mom

1) Lower your voice:

Sometimes it can be so easy to yell at the kiddos when they are not listening. Stopping to think about what I’m saying and how I’m saying it is really teaching me to become a more patient mom. Instead of yelling, I’m talking to my kids. This really helps me understand that sometimes kids just need a little bit of patience given to them.  The way you react to your children and their actions is all about staying even and controlled.  Using positive parenting instead of lashing out is vital to keeping a good healthy relationship between you and your child.

2) Take a timeout:

Patience isn’t just being nice from time to time. Patience is taking the time to understand why your child is acting the way they are and what you can do to help. Not getting impatient when your child wants something from you, but you are too busy. Patience is being understanding of your child. If you can’t seem to grasp this at any point and are getting upset, take a mommy time out. These are always my favorite. My kids are old enough now that I can take a mini time out and it doesn’t affect them, but it does me a world of good.

3) Try to understand your child:

It’s so easy to become impatient with the one child in your life that you don’t understand. Maybe they are always mad, crying, frustrated, or they are loud and don’t listen. Luckily for your child, being a mom means you unconditionally love them no matter what. I bet if you take that unconditional love, try to talk to them, you will be able to understand them better, which will result in a lot more patience.  Understanding each other is the very core of positive parenting and makes a huge difference in communication and respect.

4) Practice being more patient:

Whenever you lose your patience with your child often, it may be time to take a step back and practice being more patient. Write down a list of ways you can start being more patient with your child. The more you practice it, the better you will be.  Make it a habit to count to ten, take that time out, lower your voice, or evaluate the situation before reacting.

5) Allow your kids to complete a task:

If you really want to practice patience, then try letting your kids complete a task without you taking over. When it comes down to having more patience with your child, sometimes you need to walk away and let them finish it. Some would call this being a control freak. Allowing your children to take over once in a while will eventually build your patience.  It also uses the positive parenting tactic of encouraging their independence and self-worth.  This is definitely a win-win in my book.

6) Take a deep breath:

Hey! This is a viable tip when it comes to being more patient. There are things you can do, like taking a deep breath, that can help you become a more patient mom. If you don’t want to take a deep breath, then count to 20, bake a cake, you get the point.

7) Learn from another mom:

One thing I’ve noticed in the past is that learning from another mom can always help me be a better mom. A friend may have a better technique than I do when it comes to being more patient. I always listen and watch because I could possibly learn something new.  There are tons of great mom groups out there. Friends, family, neighbors, and others to help you learn more positive parenting skills that will keep you a patient and kind mother.  I also love reading books that have insights into other parent struggles.

Some of my favorite positive parenting books: 

Bonus: Clearing out my schedule:

I’ve noticed that when I don’t have an overloaded schedule, I’m a more patient mom. I’m able to focus on my kids a lot more when I’m not focused on what needs to be done. By keeping my focus on my kids, I automatically become a more patient mom.

Using positive parenting tips to become a more patient mom is vital to the health of your relationship with your children.  Work to create a lasting bond of love and trust by following these simple ideas and tips in your own family relationships.

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7 Positive Parenting Tips To Become A More Patient Mom

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  1. love your message 🙂 its hard to remember patience sometimes, especially when your running late! i try to remember how hard it is to be a small child: always being told what to do, not being able to do everything youd like and trying to handle big emotions that you dont understand.

    i hate to mention it, but i noticed a typo:

    Lashing out instead of using positive parenting is vital to keeping a good healthy relationship between you and your child.

    i believe you meant the opposite 🙂

    thanks for your post!

    1. Thank you! I should probably add in “Get some sleep” because lack of sleep affects everything, especially my proofing skills!