20 Ways to Get Cash Back From Your Old Cell Phone

Have old phones laying around?  Try one of these 20 ways to get some quick cash back or 10 great places to donate them to charity!

20 Ways To Get Cash Back From Your Old Cell Phone

While cleaning out my room, I realized I have a ton of old electronics laying around. Laptops, phones, iPods, and a tablet that survived a 2 story fall only to get knocked off the couch & die. I didn't want to just throw them away, so I started looking for ways to recycle them and was shocked how much they are worth!  Even the ones that are a bit old & outdated!

Before selling a device, make sure to clear it out so all of your personal information is removed!

20 Ways to Get Cash Back From Your Old Cell Phone

  1. Gazelle – Cell phones & electronics *Get an extra $10 when you use my link
  2. EcoATM – Similar to a Redbox kiosk, but you can trade in devices. Will be photographed & fingerprinted
  3. Target – Receive a Target GC for the trade-in value
  4. Swappa.com – Phones, tablets, and blue-tooth watches
  5. BuyMyTronics – Phones, gaming consoles, laptops, and other electronics
  6. TuneCycle – iPhones, iPads, and iPods
  7. NextWorth.com – Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and video games
  8. uSell – Smartphones only *Get an extra $5 when you use my link
  9. Amazon – Cell phones, gaming consoles, other electronics. Receive an Amazon GC for the trade-in value
  10. Ebay – Higher prices usually, but don't forget about shipping costs
  11. Exchange My Phone – Selected phones only
  12. SimplySellular.com – Pays via Paypal or by check
  13. YouRenew.com – Pays via check only
  14. Craigslist – Higher prices, but you make sure you meet up in a public place!
  15. Tradeupcashout.com – Like on FB for an extra $10 cash out! Choose from a prepaid GC, Paypal, or check.
  16. BuyBackWorld.com – Phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronics.
  17. MaxBack.com – Pays via Paypal or by check
  18. iReTron.com -Pays via Paypal or by check. Will send your phones back for free if you decline their adjusted offer.
  19. Green Hippo – Phones, tablets, ink cartridges, and small electronics. Minimum of 20 pieces/lbs
  20. Cellular Provider – Check with your cell phone company. Many offer trade-in programs now.

And if you just want to donate it, try one of these sites

  1. Cell Phones for Soldiers
  2. Hope Phones
  3. Hope Line Phones
  4. Shelter Alliance
  5. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  6. Recycle for Victory
  7. AmericanCellPhoneDrive.org
  8. Second Wave Recycling
  9. St. Jude Children's Hospital
  10. Lupus Foundation of America

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