20 Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Everyone wants to know how to earn Amazon gift cards.  They come in handy for paying for gifts, groceries, clothing, and even casual items like books or games.  I love knowing little tasks I do day to day can easily earn Amazon gift cards to help bolster my budget! 

20 Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

The first thing you need to know when working on ways to earn Amazon gift cards is that none of these methods are going to earn you thousands of dollars per month.  Instead, you'll need to work a little at each program to earn a payout each month.  Most of these methods will benefit you between $5-$10 per month.  The result once they add up can easily be over $200 per month in free Amazon gift cards for your time.

20 Ways To Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Swagbucks:  This program has been around for many years and has proven to be a consistent way to earn Amazon gift cards or other rewards.  Use Swagbucks as your main search engine, complete surveys, watch videos, or sign up for various programs and free offers to earn “bucks” you redeem for gift cards and rewards.  Amazon gift cards are the easiest and best choice for most users.  One of the best parts of Swagbucks is the easy to use smartphone app and the toolbar that alerts you to new opportunities to earn.

InstaGC:  Similar offers and tasks await you at InstaGC.  Surveys are pretty popular with this program, and each point you earn is equal to 1¢ in gift card redemption.  So, for every 100 points you earn, you can redeem for a gift card.  There is no large payout required, so for just 100 points you can grab a $1 gift card.  While that part is convenient, many of the tasks take time, so you won't be earning a ton without putting time into the program.

GrabpointsThis is similar to all of the other sites where you get paid to complete tasks and earn Amazon gift cards.  Complete tasks, do surveys, search online, review things, and earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards.  I love the desktop notifications that pop up – simply click the popup and it prefills a code box for you.  Submit and get points in less than 30 seconds! While the website is easy to use, it also has a great app for your phone that makes it super convenient to use anywhere.  Sign up and use my referral code: SUAUMM.

PrizeRebel:  This is another site that is all about completing surveys.  Prize Rebel allows you to work on surveys that are tailored to your demographic, and result in higher payouts.  With targeted surveys, it's a great easy way to earn Amazon gift cards to use for anything you need.

RecycleBank:  I love the idea of earning rewards just by doing something natural like recycling.  Since we work hard to live an Eco-friendly lifestyle, Recycle Bank is a perfect choice for our family to earn Amazon gift cards.  Using the latest in RFID and GPS technology, RecycleBank can track your recycling efforts and will reward you for that effort. Plus, I earn points by reading about reducing our impact on the environment!

PunchCard:  Upload receipts from purchases to earn rewards you can then redeem for Amazon gift cards.

MyPoints:  This is a popular choice since it has so many different methods you can use to earn Amazon gift cards.  The classic methods like taking surveys, using a search engine, and printing coupons are popular.  MyPoints also offers great opportunities to earn by making regular purchases you would anyway.

IBotta:  If you like getting cash back, Ibotta is a great option.  Simply choose the products you plan to buy in-store, and then scan your receipt after to redeem your rewards.  Once you reach the payout level with Ibotta, you can redeem your earnings to Amazon gift cards. There are 21 retailers now available including major nationwide chains like Target and Walmart, as well as Whole Foods, Kroger, and other popular stores.

Listia:  This auction site is all about listing items to earn points.  You ship items to people in exchange for points instead of cash. You can then turn those points into purchases on Listia, or redeem and earn Amazon gift cards.

Receipt Hog:  Scan and upload receipts to earn points.  It's that simple.  You'll earn various point amounts for different purchases, and of course, those points can help you earn Amazon gift cards easily.

Amazon Trade-In Program:  Did you know you can turn in items to Amazon and earn gift cards back?  Everything from old phones to books and movies can all be sent n to earn credit.  Most of these items will reward you with lower prices than you would make selling to an individual or at a yard sale, however, it can be much easier to manage this than to gather enough to sell in a traditional sale at your home.

Perk:  This app is perfect for watching videos and earning points to redeem Amazon gift cards.  Since you can load it onto your phone and set the videos to play while you do other tasks, it is easy to rack up points to redeem fairly fast with this program.

IRazoo:  This program is all about watching TV to earn points.  This is perfect for the person that is a work-at-home parent since the TV being on is not a problem.  You can easily earn $50-$60 per month with this program.

SlideJoy:  This app loads on your phone and is used on your lock screen.  You earn points for sliding it to unlock your phone.  It takes some time, but it's super easy to earn Amazon gift cards since you don't have to do anything outside your normal routine.

Opinion Outpost:  This survey site is a great place to answer questions and earn Amazon gift cards.  However, it will take you some time to make a payout so this is a great supplemental option.

Viggle:  Another program that pays out points you can redeem for Amazon gift cards all for watching TV shows, commercials, videos, and similar.  It takes some time to earn a lot, but it's a super easy program to work with.

Gift Hulk:  This program is similar to many others where you are able to earn points to redeem Amazon gift cards by completing surveys, answering questions, and doing web searches.

Bing Rewards:  This search engine also has a great rewards program that you can sign up for and earn Amazon gift cards.

Shopkick: Check in when you go out shopping to earn points for visiting different stores and locations.  It's a super easy and fun way to earn Amazon gift cards.

Raise:  I use Raise to buy discounted gift cards, but you can also earn credit by selling your own unused gift cards on this site.  Sometimes when you are gifted a gift card that you can't use, this is a great way to easily redeem and grab Amazon gift cards at lower prices.

There are tons of great ways to earn Amazon gift cards out there.  Many of which are survey sites and research sites.  However, these are my personal favourites since I know that they will help me earn Amazon gift cards much faster and easier than other programs where I feel like I work too hard for the little rewards given.

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20 Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards for free!

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