Homemade Cold & Flu Remedies

In healthy living circles, cold & flu season is commonly referred to as Vitamin D deficiency season.  Not only do we get a lot less of this essential vitamin, but we spend more time cooped up indoors sharing germs.  Luckily, winter doesn't have … [Read more...]

8 Health Benefits Of Carrots & Beets

Have you ever wondered if there really are any health benefits of carrots and beets?  You know, it is hard to force yourself to eat all your veggies, but you have always been told they are good for you.  These reasons that carrots and beets are … [Read more...]

7 Tips To Saving Money While Eating Healthy

Saving money while eating healthy may sound impossible.  Often, we get sidetracked by how expensive healthier foods are and forget that our health needs are just as important as saving money.  To make it affordable to eat healthy, we've come up with … [Read more...]

Homemade Muscle Rub With Essential Oils For Muscle Pain

Sick of dealing with muscle pain? Want fast, effective relief? This homemade muscle rub with essential oils is my favorite way to ease your pain while utilizing natural ingredients.  Instead of putting harsh chemicals on your skin, whip up a batch of … [Read more...]

10 Free Ways To Exercise At Home

A lot of people struggle each year to get in shape and get healthy due to the cost of going to a gym. Not only do they have to consider the membership fees but also the cost to drive to and from the gym, child care cost and the time lost away from … [Read more...]

Maty’s Cough Syrup Review

  Last year, I was introduced to Maty's line of health products. These all natural products are a safe alternative to toxic ingredients found in many OTC cold meds. Their line currently contains Baby Chest Rub, Kids Cough Syrup, Cough Syrup, … [Read more...]

Maty’s Cough Syrup Review

Conventional cough syrups aren't approved for children under 6. With 3 under age 6, this just doesn't work for us.  We prefer to use natural products anyway and rely on the teas my mom makes at her wellness clinic to help relieve the boys' suffering … [Read more...]

Toe Juice with DermaVine Review

    With the Winter months approaching and it slowly getting more chilly outside, this is the time of year when my skin starts takes a turn for the worst.  No matter what lotions or moisturizers I use, nothing seems to help me feel … [Read more...]

Sibu Sea Buckthorn Review

As part of Spa for Ma 2012, I worked with some amazing sponsors.  One of my favorites is Sibu Beauty.  They sent this amazing pack for me to review. Revitalize & Renew:  Revitalize & Renew is a liquid supplement, designed to improve beauty … [Read more...]