Top 5 Easy Freezer Meals

Easy Freezer Meals are a must-have for the busy homemaker! Whether you work from home, are a stay at home parent, or work full-time outside the home, you can benefit from having delicious, easy freezer meals ready to go when you need them!

Easy Freezer Meals are a must-have for the busy homemaker! Everyone can benefit from having delicious, easy freezer meals ready to go when you need them!

People seem to have two ways of thinking about freezer cooking: love it or too much work!  It doesn't have to be a complicated, 3 day adventure (although I love doing a huge shop, prep day, and cooking day a couple times a year to stock my freezer, my mom's freezer, and my sisters freezer with healthy & easy freezer meals) but is actually something you can easily fit into your budget and your schedule with very little effort.

Here are the Top 5 Easy Freezer Meal Foods that will hopefully show you how versatile freezer cooking is and how to build up a collection of easy freezer meals to save you time, money, and maybe your sanity!

Top 5 Easy Freezer Meals

  • Pre-cooked Meats: Don't miss those great meat sales at the grocery store! I like to buy in bulk from a local butcher, but Costco and Sam's Club both have great deals. Grill up a bunch of chicken, throw some roasts into the crockpot & shred for later, and precook ground beef to save time on busy nights.
  • Soups, Stews, & Chili's: I have a huge pot I love to make soups or chili in, but no one here is a fan of eating the same thing over & over again, so I make huge batches and then freeze most of it for later.   The next time I want that particular soup or am in a chili mood, it's easy to pull out the frozen bag, thaw, and warm it up.  I also like to keep chicken soup on hand for whenever we feel under the weather.
  • Breakfast sandwiches & burritos: I'm not a morning person, so having breakfast ready to just reheat is a huge help to making sure our day starts off right. I like to make up huge batches of breakfast sandwiches, burritos, and even breakfast casseroles so I can go on autopilot until the coffee kicks in.  These are also a huge help if you have kids to get off to school in the morning or an early practice or game to get to.
  • Savory & Sweet Breads: Baking bread is so much easier to do in a large batch, so wrap up & freeze for up to 3 months in the freezer.  Make sure you label it and store in an air tight container or packaging.  I like to do some loaves and some muffins, then store them in a gallon size freezer bag, after wrapping in cling wrap.
  • Casseroles: One of my favorite easy freezer meals is a Mexican casserole.  Whenever I make it, I make 2 or 4 of them and throw the others straight into the freezer as soon as they cool.  If you don't have a large family, you can portion what you don't need into freeze containers right away.  This is also great for those meals you love that no one else in your house seems to like.  Just store in individual freezer containers for a quick lunch!

When freezer cooking, remember to start small and only do what works for your family.  Think about the recipes that are regularly on your menu and see if you can double one of them and freeze it. Do what works for you, even if that only means putting one extra meal in the freezer each week.  If you are brave or have been freezer cooking for a while, try a large freezer cooking session. Freezer meals can work for everyone & be a huge time-saver, but only if you don't overwhelm yourself and stay within your budget!

For more freezer meal ideas, check out all my easy freezer meals and these freezer meals cookbooks!

What's your favorite Freezer Meal?

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