Why Radical Unschooling Isn't For Me

Why Radical Unschooling isn’t for me

Parenting is HARD! Children don't come with a guidebook - instead there are thousands you can buy all saying different things!  As parents, we just do the best we can & have to find what works for us.  While physical punishment doesn't work for us, I recently discovered Radical Unschooling doesn't either.  Now to discover what resonates for our family! As a mom, I want to do what is best for my children.  I'm always reading about other parenting styles & Radical Unschooling caught my eye.  We aren't quite unschoolers, but we aren't quite your typical homeschoolers either. We practice what we call Child Led Learning.  Every month I sit down with the kids and they each pick out something they are interested in.  I build unit studies around those topics and cater to their individual learning style. We still do worksheets and have a schedule, but the majority of our day is spent doing activities instead of organized school work. When I think about my ultimate goal for my … [Read More...]