Sweet Potato Skillet with Ground Turkey

Eating healthy has never looked better than this delicious Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Hash Recipe!

Done in only 30 minutes, this easy skillet is perfect for busy weekdays!

Taco Sweet Potato Hash




30 minutes

4 servings


Ground Turkey Sweet Potatoes Bell Pepper Onion Mozzarella Cilantro

Olive Oil Cumin Garlic Chili Powder Salt  Pepper


- Heat oil in a skillet. - Add garlic and cook for 1 minute.  - Add ground turkey and brown. - Add spices and stir well. - Add onion & bell pepper. - Add diced sweet potato and water. - Stir and cover with a lid

Getting Started

- Cook until the sweet potatoes soften.   - Top with shredded mozzarella & allow it to melt.  - Garnish with fresh cilantro. - Enjoy!

Finishing Up

Printable Recipe at: midwestmodernmomma.com