Freezer Friendly Bean Burritos

My kids love burritos. It's a quick & easy lunch for them, but I'm not a fan of the price tag or extra ingredients in them. 

These homemade bean burritos are super easy to make & fun to customize!

Homemade Bean Burritos


Slow Cooker


30 minutes

10 burritos


– Pinto Beans – Cumin – Smoked Paprika – Chili Powder –Cheddar Cheese – Flour Tortillas


1. Place dry beans in the slow cooker. 2. Cover with water 3. Stir in seasonings 4. Cover and cook on high for 4-5 hours.

How to Slow Cook Beans

1. Pour beans and spices into a large skillet. 2. Using potato masher mash beans until most are pureed. 3. Heat the mixture over medium heat, adding cheese in right before you turn off and remove from heat.

How to Prepare Bean Filling

1. Allow the filling to cool. 2. Spoon ½ Cup of the bean mixture onto the center of the tortilla. 3. Fold tortilla over bean mixture and roll to form a burrito.

How to Assemble Burritos

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