How would a review/giveaway on Midwest Modern Momma help my business?

Reviews & Giveaways are a fun, easy way to gain exposure and traffic to your site. A full-size product is tested out by one of us and/or our families. We will evaluate the product and present our honest opinion in a post on Midwest Modern Momma. Our readers can feel confident in your product and company, as we only leave honest reviews.

Who will review my product/service?

Savanah is a homeschooling, crunchy mother of 4 boys. She enjoys reviewing anything designed for her children (16, 14,  and 12-year-old twins), plus-size clothing, shoes, books, and household items. She is married to a wonderful man who permanently relocated to the US from Scotland in 2020. They have 2 cats that love to let us know exactly what they think of all pet products.

Kaycee is 26 and loves to review clothing, shoes, jewelry, and cosmetics. She enjoys reviewing products used for painting and photography, as well as many other artsy projects. She is an amazing baker and enjoys trying new kitchen gadgets out. She is a mom to an adorable 4-year-old and would be the perfect choice for reviewing products for toddlers and all things designed to help sleep-deprived mothers. 

How much will a review/giveaway cost?

We do not charge a fee for reviews, but you provide the full-size product for review (minimum combined value of $150.00). The product is ours to keep and do as we see fit after the review is posted. If you would like us to host a giveaway, you will provide that product as well. We request you ship the giveaway prize directly to the winner to lessen the environmental impact caused by shipping products and ask that you do so within 2 weeks from receiving the mailing information from the winner. You may choose to give away as many or as few items as you would like.

To host a giveaway without a review, please contact [email protected] for current rates.

What does a Review/Giveaway include?

When we review a product/service, we will feature your product/service in a blog post. This post will include our honest opinion, 2-3 pictures, and links to your website and/or social media sites. If we are unable to publish a positive review of your product, we will provide you with our honest review and allow you to choose whether we publish it or not.

Reviews are published using no-follow links, per Google's requirements for paid/sponsored links. Giveaways that are hosted in conjunction with a review are posted separately and use do-follow links (since the giveaway is a freebie we offer with a review). Giveaways without a review use no-follow links.

When we host a giveaway readers are encouraged to “like” your Facebook, follow you on Twitter, subscribe to your mailing list, and visit your website. Readers are also encouraged to spread the word about your product giveaway by blogging about it themselves. We will also tweet at least twice weekly about any giveaway we are hosting and encourage readers to tweet as well. Each action a reader takes allows them another entry to win. As the host of the giveaway, we will ask readers to follow us in additional ways for more entries.

How do I contact you for a Review/Giveaway?

If you are interested in having a product/service reviewed by us, please email us at [email protected]. Please provide a brief description of your product/service as well as a link to your website. We will respond within 3 business days to accept or deny your request.

How long does it take?/How long will my giveaway run?

If you need your review/giveaway to run during a specific time-frame, please state this during your initial request so we can adjust our schedule accordingly. If your review/giveaway is not time-sensitive, please allow up to 8  weeks before your review is posted (from the time we receive the product). 

We prefer to have giveaways last 7-14 days to ensure our readers all have a chance to enter and that your product receives as many views as possible. If you have a specific time frame in mind, we would be happy to use it.

How is a winner chosen?

Once the giveaway has ended, a winner is chosen using's random number generator. Winners are notified by email and given 48 hours to claim their prize. If a winner does not respond, a second winner will be chosen using the same generator.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or are interested in having a product/service reviewed.