Hi, I'm Savanah.  I'm Mom to 4 amazing boys.  Cameron is 16, Connor is 14, and Gavin & Garrett are 12! I'm married to an amazing man with a gorgeous accent, who moved from Scotland to be with us! 

I started blogging to help others save money but quickly realized that although I love helping people spend less on things they don't need, I really want to help people live a better life!

I have two autoimmune diseases and really wanted to share what helped me be healthier the tips & tricks that use to navigate through daily life, raising kids without losing my mind, and our homeschool adventures.

I want to share my love of traveling and my love for all things Scotland.

I love to spend my time playing with the boys & watching as they master new skills, creating new recipes in the kitchen (along with a few simple & easy cheat recipes), finding creative ways to finish paying off all my student loans, and curling up with a cup of hot cider or tea after everyone has gone to bed for a little me time.

I love exploring my home state (Iowa) and surrounding areas.  Every time we take a road trip, I learn something new.  Did you know there is a FREE zoo in Byron, Minnesota? We found it a couple of summers ago while exploring & the kids loved it much more than our local zoo.

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