Upcoming Review: Time4Learning.com

Time 4 Learning Pre-Review

I've been invited to try Time4Learning for one month in exchange for a candid review. My opinion will be entirely my own, so be sure to come back and read about my experience. Time4Learning can be used as a homeschool curriculum, for afterschool enrichment and for summer skill sharpening. Find out how to write your own curriculum review for Time4Learning.

One reason I was drawn to Time4Learning is how portable it is. Unlike some programs that require certain software, we can access their lessons from any of our computers & they can even work on lessons at Nana & Papa's house! I also love how they will be able to work on their own speed. No more slowing down our lessons to let one keep up with the other, so hopefully that will help with the boredom induced naughtiness that sometimes pops up during our school time.

Don't want to wait for my review?  Head over and try out a demo today!

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  1. John Nelson says:

    I used Time4learning for years. They have PerK to 8th grade. Sadly, my kids are now in high school.

    Can’t wait to see the review.

  2. I am currently using Time4Learning for my 7th grader. We have used it since 1st grade. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the program. I love that it is portable, and I love that the records are kept for me. The good news is that my daughter loves it too. I’ll be checking back to read your review. Enjoy!

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