Skin Free RX: Natural Hair & Body Care Review

A few years ago I tried making my own shampoo.  Unfortunately, all the recipes I tried either didn't work out or had a very short shelf life or needed to be kept in the fridge.  As some of you know, I'm quite forgetful so the fridge option wouldn't work for me unless I put a mini-fridge in my bathroom.  The short shelf life doesn't work for my hectic schedule.  Who has time to make shampoo every time they want to wash their hair?

My solution was to try and find greener hair products and cut down how often I wash my hair.  Twice a week, I use baking soda & vinegar and then wash my hair with a commercial shampoo once or twice a week. I don't shampoo my hair every day or it gets very dry and brittle.

Recently I came across SkinFree Rx, whose products are formulated by a pharmacist with over 30 years experience in compounding and natural skin care. After looking around their site, I knew I wanted to try their Chemical Free Shampoo, Healing Blend Hair & Body Balm, and the Extra Moisturizing Soap & Shampoo Bar.

I immediately fell in love with the scent of my Chemical Free Shampoo.  I chose the Grapefruit Geranium because I love grapefruit scented bath & hair products.  It has that fruity hint of grapefruit, yet the Geranium keeps it from being too girly so even guys can use this without an issue.  I wasn't happy with how thin this shampoo is. If you knock it over on accident, its going to spill out quickly (guess how I discovered that one). It didn't lather very well, but I know most natural shampoos don't.  When I went to rinse it out, it almost felt like it left a residue on my hair. I didn't condition it right away and noticed after a few more minutes in the shower the strange feeling had disappeared.  I conditioned like normal and it felt clean when it dried. Overall, I really like the way my hair feels, looks, and smells after using this. I'll definitely be restocking this one and I might try one of the other scents. It costs $12.99 for an 8 oz bottle, which really isn't bad for a good quality shampoo. Its also available in Unscented, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Mandarin Vanilla, Rosemary, True Rose, and Woodspice.

The Healing Blend Hair & Body Balm works great for my hair, but I never used it as a body balm.  The first time I used it, I took it into the shower with me and rubbed a little into my roots after I rinsed my conditioner out & worked a small amount into my hair as a leave-in conditioner. Its a little thinner than most leave-ins, but still easy to handle.  I did drop a little bit onto the bottom of the shower while working it into my hair.  It should come with a warning: Do NOT use in the shower.  It will turn your tub/shower stall into a skating rink. A quick wipe-down after I was done and the slip n slide reverted back to a tub, though.

I'm not a big fan of bar soap, so I was surprised how much I like this one.  It lathers up very nicely and I used it as a shaving cream one day. Now, I get razor burn in my underarms no matter what I do.  I've tried shaving twice a day, once a day, every other day (never doing that again) and every shaving cream sold at Walgreens. Nothing stops me from getting the itch.  My deodorant will soothe it, so I literally keep one in each car, in my purse, and a couple throughout the house.  It took two days after using the Extra Moisturizing Soap for me to realize I didn't have any irritation.  Every time I use it as my shaving cream I don't have to deal with the dreaded razor burn!  This bar can also be used as a shampoo, but I haven't run out of the Grapefruit Geranium yet.


From SkinFree:

Skin Free was developed in 2005, based on our original Blue Ridge Gypsy formulas beginning in 2000.

Naturally occurring vegetable oils and butters contain indigenous nutrients, antioxidants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), and antibacterial agents that petroleum-based oils just don’t have. Natural oils absorb into the skin and do not feel greasy. They also come from replenishable sources, which is a great environmental concern. Please feel free to contact us for any other questions at 1-888-450-2459 or use our contact form. Check out our Facebook page to comment on new products and write out your recommendations and hear us. Tweet to get real time notification of events, new products, and specials.


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I was provided with these products by Skin Free RX in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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