Oasap Accessory Review

We were recently accepted to Oasap's Fashion Hunter program & knew right away that Kaycee would have a blast with it.  She's a bit too tall for any of their clothes (6'1″), but was quite excited about the accessories they carry. She picked out a pair of sunglasses and two rings.

Kaycee: I love the Oversized Punk Studded sunglasses! They fit my style and I've received a lot of compliments on them. The sunglasses are about a 6/10 for their ability to block out sunlight. Someone with a wide bridged nose wouldn't be able to wear them comfortably. These sunglasses are definitely not for the faint of heart due to their size.

The double finger ring (pearls) is cute if you don't look too closely and don't wear it very long. The material overall, is cheap and turned my fingers green. The pearls themselves, were poorly applied. The setting looks very messy and I was disappointed in this as well as the other ring that I received.

The pyramid ring was very uncomfortable on my fingers and it's underside was poorly made as well. For someone who has skinny fingers, it would probably be just fine. The kicker is that you would have to have fingers between a size 5 to a size 7 to be able to wear it and still be able to move your fingers.

Overall, the quality of the rings left a lot to be desired. I am not going to be discouraged though, the sunglasses made me confident that Oasap carries a combination of products that do and don't work for me. I am looking forward to trying again and know to skip the rings, unless I'm buying them as a gift for someone with smaller fingers.



We received a $40 credit to Oasap as part of their Fashion Hunters program & used it to pick out the above accessories for review. All opinions are our own.



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  1. Love Oasap! I’ve gotten some great purses from there. I really like those sunglasses! Love love love them 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great review! I love the sunglasses and the rings are very cool!

  3. She makes Oasap style her own, I love that, those glasses are pretty awesome!!

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