My New Blogging Binder

My Blogging Binder

My New Blogging Binder

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a freak for binders. I love organizational binders. There is just something about having a physical copy of everything I need to keep track of that makes me feel on top of it. I love being able to open a well laid out binder and flip right to what I need. No flipping back and forth between documents or windows on my computer. So, I was absolutely thrilled to hear that The Happy Lil' Homemaker sells Blogging Binders! She customizes the cover of each one with the image you provide & offers 3 different size binders (1″, 2″, and 3″) in white, black, pink, red, and blue.  For mine (shown above), I provided her with my new button.

Each binder comes with 5 dividers and inserts for each: Shout Outs (blank calendar pages), Weekly (2 page spread with spots for Blog, Posts, $$$, and Notes), Affiliates (affiliate logs for each affiliate account, space to set/record goals, and track payouts/earnings), Reviews (review log), and Contact (address pages). The binders have 2 inside pockets and come with a pencil holder. Best part: she included some freebies! Mine came with a few paperclips, a matching pen & mechanical pencil set, a mini highlighter, and a legal pad in the back pocket. There was also a protective sheet holder that contained a copy of each insert, making it easy to run off extra copies and not have to worry about accidentally using my last one!

Giveaway Event Blog Planning Pages

Giveaway Event Planning Sheets

Of course, I love to personalize everything to fit me (after all, no one blogs or organizes quite like someone else) so I created a few blogging pages & downloaded some from online. At the front of my binder, before the first divider, I placed Monthly Blog Planning Calendar pages for the next year. I downloaded mine from They are set up in landscape and have space for weekly & monthly goals, plus an area for notes/ideas at the bottom of each page.

Printable Blog Binder Pages - Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate Tracking Blog Binder Page

I pulled the weekly planning pages and stuck them in the protective sheet. They have been replaced with a Blog Weekly Calendar I printed from that I use to keep track of any hops I'm participating in, twitter parties, etc. I created a Post Planning page, Affiliate Tracking (to make sure I share the best deals possible), Review/Giveaway Tracking, Giveaway Event To-Do, and Store Matchups.

Feel free to share these pages, but you must leave my site info in the bottom corner of the pages and, if you share online, please link to this page instead of directly to the documents. If you would like a different background to match your site/personal preference, I have other colored backgrounds & can customize it for you. I can also customize the layout of a printable or design one to meet your needs. If you are interested, send me an email.

How do you keep track of everything you have to do? Are you old-fashioned & stick to paper and pencil or are you high-tech, relying on the latest app? If you use apps, which is your favorite one?

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  1. paiage fowler says:

    I love these i need to pick me up some 😀

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