Scottish Steak Pie for New Years Day Dinner

In Scotland, a hearty Steak Pie is a popular tradition for New Year's Day dinner, showcasing the rich taste of Scottish food.

The Scottish Steak Pie with sausage is a delightful blend of succulent diced beef and flavorful sausages, topped with a buttery puff pastry.

– All-purpose flour – Garlic powder – Onion powder – Braising beef – Beef bouillon cubes – Pork sausages – Onions thinly sliced – Carrots sliced – Beef gravy  – Puff pastry

Season your flour then use to coat the beef cubes. Fry in your dutch oven with some olive oil.


Then cook the sausages. Sauté the onions with crumbled beef bouillon cubes until they are translucent.


Add the meat back to your dutch oven. Simmer for one hour. Add the sliced carrots & cook until tender.


Add gravy and stir until combined. Top with puff pastry & bake until golden or serve with individual puff pastries.


To serve with individual puff pastries, simply roll out your thawed puff pastry to about 10×14.  Cut into 6 equal pieces. Bake until golden and puffy.


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