Rainbow Fish  Lesson Plan

This homeschool lesson plan is designed to go along with the book The Rainbow Fish 

Creating a homeschool lesson plan around a favorite book is a great way to incorporate things your kids already enjoy in their education.  Full-fledged unit study to help your kids with sensory projects, word recognition, spelling, and vocabulary skills. We love The Rainbow Fish and thought it would be a great choice for a fun and easy homeschool lesson plan!

With this lesson, children will learn to identify what a good friend is and how to be a good friend themselves.  Being a good friend is not always easy, and this is obvious in the book, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

Lesson Objectives

-  Identify the characteristics of a good friend. - Practice being a good friend to others. - Deeper understanding of friendship. - Deeper understanding of what it means to share.

Supplies Needed

Book, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister Finger paints in assorted colors Paintbrushes Scrap paper Posterboard A sheet of miniature stickers for each child Pencils Googly eyes

Read Aloud

Start by reading the story aloud. Help tackle tough words together & define unknown words. Pause frequently to let them express what they are thinking about the story. Take a few minutes to discuss once you've read through and see what they thought of the characters and their choices.

Activities for Further Learning

Characteristics of a Good Friend How Sharing Feels Role Play Handprint Craft Plus - we have a 15 page Rainbow Fish themed printable workbook for preschoolers and kindergarteners!

Rainbow Fish Handprint Craft

With easy video tutorial!