Organizing Tips

Organizing Your Camping Supplies

Midwest Modern Momma

Many families love the fun of camping outdoors and roughing it for a few days as part of their vacation time.   Organizing your camping supplies helps you to make this something fun, easy and stress free for everyone.

Simple steps keep your things together, safe, and ready to use at a moments notice.

Store everything in water tight totes


Have a few water-tight totes for camping supplies. Great for toiletries, cooking supplies, and clothing!

Use Ziplock bags to keep like items together


Putting items back into the bags will keep everything dry and ensure nobody loses something along the way.

Separate summer from winter gear.


Keep separate winter and summer gear in your camping storage, like different weight sleeping bags, hand warmers & personal fans for easy packing.

Label Everything


Label the outside of the totes, the individual baggies and even the sleeping bags for who they belong to. Color coding works too!

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