Green Pineapple  Smoothie

This green smoothie recipe combines pineapple, peach, spinach, yogurt, and almond milk.  The ingredients are combined in the blender until it becomes a thick & creamy drink.  This is a refreshing drink for the summertime or when you are craving a taste of summer!

Green Pineapple  Almond Milk Smoothie


10 minutes

1 serving



– Very ripe banana, frozen – Almond milk – Chopped pineapple – Peach, peeled and sliced – Greek yogurt – Fresh spinach leaves – Juice of 1 lime

Blend frozen banana slices and milk together until thick and smooth. Scrape down the sides of the blender as needed.

Add the pineapple, peach, and yogurt and blend until combined. Add the spinach and lime juice and blend until smooth.

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