Rainbow Fish  Free Lesson Plan

Rainbow Fish  Lesson Plan

This free homeschool lesson plan is designed to go along with the book  The Rainbow Fish 

This free homeschool lesson plan is a great way to teach preschoolers about  friendship! This is a short but full-fledged unit study to help your kids with sensory projects, word recognition, spelling, and vocabulary skills. We love The Rainbow Fish and thought it would be a great choice for a fun and easy homeschool lesson plan!

With this lesson, children will learn the importance of being a good friend and how to identify what it means. Being a good friend is not always easy, and this is obvious in the book, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

Lesson Objectives

-  Identify the characteristics of a good friend. - Practice being a good friend to others. - Deeper understanding of friendship. - Deeper understanding of what it means to share.

Supplies Needed

Book, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister Finger paints in assorted colors Paintbrushes Scrap paper Posterboard A sheet of miniature stickers for each child Pencils Googly eyes

Read Aloud

Start by reading the story aloud. Help tackle tough words together & define unknown words. Pause frequently to let them express what they are thinking about the story. Take a few minutes to discuss once you've read through and see what they thought of the characters and their choices.

Activities for Further Learning

Characteristics of a Good Friend How Sharing Feels Role Play Handprint Craft Plus - we have a 15 page Rainbow Fish themed printable workbook for preschoolers and kindergarteners!

Rainbow Fish Handprint Craft

With easy video tutorial!